Counting Down To Harry, Saturday

HP T-Shirt Countdown

It’s Saturday and it’s day two of my Harry Potter t-shirt wearing marathon as I count down to the release of Deathly Hallows, part 2.

Today, I wore my Ravenclaw tee. This is a stenciled tee made from a stencil I created and cut from freezer paper . Good Ravenclaw tees are hard to come by and I wanted to represent my house! See those spiffy earrings? Gifts from hp5freak!

Not only did I get to wear my Ravenclaw t-shirt today, but I wore it to Anime Overload here in Austin, a local anime and pop culture convention. I did not run into any HP characters, but we did see the 11th Doctor, Agent Washington and a number of other favorite characters.

Free stencils on the craft page.

How long do we have to wait until the movie is released? Click to find out

Me with my quilt


Wearing my tee at Phoenix Rising, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2007

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2 thoughts on “Counting Down To Harry, Saturday

  1. Robin bird 2

    so cute! I found one I want to make that says “Every time I get a new journal the first words I write in it are “Do you know anything about the Chamber of Secrets.” I need to get busy and make it 🙂


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