Counting Down To Harry, Sunday

Counting Down To Harry, Sunday

Honeydukes tee, painted, stenciled and reconstructed, 2006

This lovely (hot!!) summer Sunday, I continue my personal countdown to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 by wearing a different HP tee leading up to the movie release. I counted this morning, I found 19…and I think there are more floating around somewhere. And those are just the shirts that I can claim as my own…

Once upon a time, I went to Las Vegas. The year was 2006. Harry Potter canon was a year away from being closed. It was my first con. I was a fairly new moderator over at Harry Potter Crafts on Yahoo!. I did not yet volunteer for the Leaky Cauldron (2006-2007). My Harry Potter quilt was started, but not complete. There was no Harry Potter paper piecing and I had very few fandom friends.

Lumos was the con that changed all that. I met tons of new friends, both crafty and those that worked for The Leaky Cauldron. I realized fully how many crafters, costumes and creative people were part of  our fandom. My fandom.

In the build up to Lumos, I created t-shirts for every day of the conference. I wore this one to the opening feast.  Honeydukes has always been one of my favorite places in my mind. Magical candy, what more could you want in a shop? This tee was reconstructed using directions from Generation T, a combination of “Outer Lace” (tee 16) and “Ties to Die For” (tee 18). The stars (left shoulder) were stenciled. I wanted the Honeydukes name to look like a sign, so it was created by taping off a rectangle, stenciling that in and then free-hand writing on top of that with fabric paint.

This shirt feels a bit, hmmm, young, for me now, but it brings back memories and reminds me of online friends that I haven’t seen with my own eyes in many years.  I brought Honeydukes out of retirement just for today.

And yeah, that’s a white streak in my hair. It’s au naturale.

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