P.S. I love You

ASL I Love You ASL I Love You
ASL “I love you”

Free 6″ paper pieced pattern by Jennifer Ofenstein

The free pattern that I have received some of the most heart-felt emails and comments about over the years is the original 5″ “ASL I Love You.”

For some time, I have been thinking I’d like to update that pattern. For one, I never gave the original a thumbnail, which kind of made me crazy. Details count, you know? I also though this one pattern should be a wee bit bigger.

I present it to you today, version two of ASL (American Sign Language) “I Love You”. This is a 6″ (6 1/2″ unfinished) paper pieced pattern, in both color and black and white for your printing convenience.

ASL I Love You quilt mock up 2b ASL I Love You quilt mock up 2

You know I can’t play with a pattern without creating some fun layouts in EQ7! What’s a girl to do with spiffy quilting software if not share ideas with her friends?

The cornerstones above were inspired by Cat Magraith’s free heart pattern.

ASL I Love You quilt mock up 1A simpler layout, with the block as the center piece. I really like this one. I think it would make a great cushion cover!

More Free Patterns

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Have a very happy Saturday!


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9 thoughts on “P.S. I love You

  1. JS

    Hi Jennifer, I love the pattern, and the different layouts. As you’re playing around with EQ7, would you make some layouts of non-white hands?

  2. Virginia Eyman

    I love this, we have alot of profoundly deaf relatives on my hubby’s side and this makes a wonderful label for family quilts. I don’t know if I’ve thanked you for this, if not THANK YOU!!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      It is my pleasure, Virginia. This is one of the first pattern requests I ever took, and it’s been such a happy-making pattern, I love that I’ve been able to share it!

  3. Kalynn Usher

    Stumbled across this by accident and was thrilled. My daughter graduates in May with an English major and an ASL minor. Made it today and I am thrilled with the results. She is really going to be suprised and she is really going to love it. Thank you so much!


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