12 for 2012 and 2011 UFO Recap!

For the last couple of years, I’ve started off with a recap of my UFOs from the last year and how far along I got with them. While I set general goals for myself, I have never done anything quite as organized as 12 for 2012.

With that in mind, I’d like to recap my 2011 UFO list and share my goals for this year! It makes for a big post…I hope you enjoy!

For your convenience, my own version of these definitions:

UFO = UnFinished Object – a project that has been set aside and allowed to collect dust. Chances are it’s existence has been forgotten until it’s pulled out of whatever dark hole it was stuffed into. While there, it probably multiplied like Tribbles, leaving many more UFOs than you remember putting there in the first place.

WIP = Work In Progress  – Always in danger of becoming a UFO, a WIP is a project that is currently being worked on, and will hopefully become a…

FO = Finished Object – What all projects dream of being. The object of much blog activity and excitement and a good source of personal pride. The Ultimate Destination of a UFO and WIP.

See my 2010 UFO list and the follow-up post.

See my 2011 UFO list.

The date in parenthesis is the birth year of each project.


Christmas Quilt, aka “Homes for the Holidays” (2009)

Homes For The Holidays

  • 2011 status –FO – This quilt started the year as a UFO pieced up to the black border. I added the piano keys at during my bee’s annual quilt retreat. Quilting was completed by Rock Creek Quilts and I had it bound in time for Christmas.
  • Blogged

Bear Paw Pass Around Blocks (2008)

12 for 2012

  • 2011 status – WIP – Started as a pass around project with my bee in 2008, these blocks languished in a box until March of 2011.  At my bee’s annual retreat, I made several more blocks, pieced the top and added a border.  Backing fabric and batting have been acquired.
  • 2012 Goal – FO Quilt and bind in January and have ready for my hubby’s birthday Feb. 8. This will be his first “just for him” quilt from me.
  •   1/12 (January)

InuYasha Quilt (2010)

12 for 2012

  • 2011 status –Still Collecting – I started collecting for this quilt for my daughter in 2010. I have all the fabric and with the help of friends, have collected enough InuYasha t-shirts.
  • 2012 goal – FO – I’d like to get at least the quilt top completed by her birthday, but my real goal is the entire project completed by the end of February.
  •   2/12 (February)
Project of Doom Signature Quilt (2011)
12 for 2012
  • 2011 status – New – Signature quilt blocks collected in 2011 from participants in the Project of Doom (see below).
  • 2012 goal – FO – I want to have this project completely done in time to show in the fall quilt show put on by AAQG.
  •   3/12 (March)

Granny’s Signature Quilt (2010)

Hand Quilting In Progress

  • 2011 status – WIP – I continued to hand quilt on my grandmother’s signature quilt off and on during 2011.
  • 2012 goal – FO – Only one more row of blocks to go! I’d like to finish this one for my birthday in April.
  •   4/12 (March)

Photobucket (2010)

The Project of Doom - Completed Quilt Top

  • 2011 status –WIP – Designed in 2010 and hosted on Harry Potter Paper PiecingThe Project of Doom was my big project for 2011. I shared 30 blocks over 30 weeks, plus layout suggestions at the end. This was my last big offering to the Harry Potter quilt fandom and my goodbye to Harry Potter Paper Piecing as all my fandom patterns were moved to Fandom In Stitches.
  • 2012 goal  – FO – Currently at the quilter. Once it’s home again, I will add a sleeve, label and binding. I’d like to show it at the AAQG’s quilt show in the fall.
  • Pattern Archive; also available on Fandom In Stitches
  •   5/12 (May)

Embroidery BOM (2011)

12 for 2012

  • 2011 status – NEW – I learned to embroider in 2011 in order to complete my Project of Doom blocks. This was my practice project. Blogged.
  • 2012 goal – FO – Combine with bright colored fabrics into a quilt top. Possibly send out for quilting.
  •   6/12 (June)

New York Beauty

New York Beauty UFO

  • 2011 status – UFO – Made as class samples in 2010, I didn’t touch these blocks in 2011.
  • 2012 goal – WIPFinish piecing the blocks and go from there.
  •   7/12 (July)

5 @ The Hive (2011)

12 for 2012

  • 2011 status –WIP – My first BOM to participate where I didn’t choose the fabric. I have quite a few months worth of blocks still to make.
  • 2012 goal – FO – I’d like to get this to the next step and get all the blocks pieced. This may make an earlier appearance on my calendar and go to quilt retreat in March.
  •   8/12 (August)

Vintage Quilt Top (2010)

Anniversary Antique Mall find

  • 2011 status –UFO – An anniversary gift from my husband in 2010. This stayed on my shelf in 2011.
  • 2012 goal – FO – Baste, quilt (possibly by hand) and bind.
  •  9/12 (September)

Hand Applique (2010)

12 for 2012

  • 2011 status –WIP – From a beginning applique class I took in 2010. I finished stitching all the pieces in 2011. Definitely not my thing!
  • 2012 goal – FO –  I’d like to hand quilt this, possibly to be gifted. 
  •  10/12 (October)

Harry Potter/Magical Swap blocks (2007/2008)

10" HP swap blocks that need to be a quilt Misc Blocks received from Swaps

  • 2011 status –UFO – Despite laying these blocks out, hanging them on my design wall and thinking about them way too much, I did not do a darn thing with them.
  • 2012 goal – FO– I’m saving this for later in the year because I have no idea where to go with it. I need it off my plate, though, so on the list it goes!
  •   11/12 (November)

Churn Dash/Snowball (2011)

12 for 2012
  • 2011 status –WIP – I lucked into a set of vintage churn dash blocks last year just a few weeks before going on retreat in March. I picked up vintage reproductions of creams and red on our mini shop-hop on the way to retreat. The snowballs were pieced and assembled, then the top pieced, at retreat.
  • 2012 goal – FO– Add a border with more of the repro fabrics I’ve collected. Possibly flying geese? Possibly hand quilt.
  •   12/12 (November)
There and Back Again (2011)

There and Back Again Block of the Month (TABABOM) #3

  • 2011 status –NEWThere and Back Again is a BOM hosted on my other website, Fandom In Stitches. The BOM will finish up in November of this year. All patterns are free. Designs by myself, Michelle Thompson, Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir and Schenley Pilgram.
  • 2012 goal – FO – but I’m not including it in the 12 for 2012. I have no doubt this one will get done!

Half-Square Triangle Exchange (2010)

1/2 square triangles from exchanges

  • 2011 status – UFO-ish – These blocks were plundered for several projects, including making more Bear Paws. I still have tons of these.
  • 2012 goal – Undecided – These are going to remain in my UFO pile for now.

Well, I think that’s it. I decided not to include my crochet list from last year, though I did finish the Black and Red afghan.

This is not even remotely everything I worked on in 2011, but it is a good solid list of my personal projects!

You can find all my for sale designs in the Sewhooked Shop. There were several newbies last year, including Aces High, Two Little Hooters, Fairy Tale Femmes and Turkey Talk! I have more fun designs up my sleeve!

What’s your UFO list look like for 2012?


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12 thoughts on “12 for 2012 and 2011 UFO Recap!

  1. auntypsycho

    Did ya get my signature block? I’m not sure if I have enough background fabric left to make another if it’s gone astray . . .

  2. Terri

    You’ve got some beauties started there. I too, feel more of an obligation to the bloggers that follow me if I say I’m going to do something. Good idea to put it all out there in a challenge. Love the NY Beauty… it is!

    1. ofenjen Post author

      I tend to neglect my personal projects for my business ones. I’m determined to give myself some “me” time this year to finish these up!


  3. Michele

    Wow, you’re so organized, you’ve even picked which 12 projects for each month. LOL I really should join in on this. Am overwhelmed with the number of projects I currently have on the go, and the plans for new ones too. This weekend I really need to get organized.

    Featuring this in a blog post Jan. 9th of new stuff starting up.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to working with you again.


    1. ofenjen Post author

      The projects kind of picked themselves! I started digging and they started piling up. I’ve got them organized in big bags with all their parts so all I have to do is grab and get going! These are all my personal projects that get neglected while I’m doing other things. I’m thinking working on some of my own stuff will create a bit of therapy for me as well.

      Woo-hoo, thanks for featuring! I can’t wait to see what other great things are going on this year!

      Happy New Year to you, too. 🙂

  4. Jeanne

    I am stealing your Churn Dash/Snowball idea. I have 70 (YES 70) vintage Churn Dash blocks, they all came from the same farm auction but some of them are 10″ and some are 11″ and some are 12″ and some are CRAZY looking but if I add a snow ball block to it I can pick out the best Churn Dash 🙂 thanks for the idea


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