Homes For The Holidays

Homes For The Holidays

It’s raining in Austin.

Beautiful, wonderful, life-giving rain. After a year of drought, it’s a magical sound.

Rain is not, however, conducive to taking quilt photos. I love photographing my quilts outside. This so-so photo was taken in-between showers. It’ll have to do for now because I will trade good photos for rain any day!

“Homes for the Holidays” started as a pile of cottage blocks from a 2009 swap on the now defunct All About Paper Piecing (the site is still there, but deactivated).  I free-hand designed the paper pieced trees and just kept adding until the quilt top was a  nice lap size!

This project made my UFO to do list for two years running: 2010 and 2011. It’s good to move it to the “completed” list!

Christmas Cottage Swap
Blocks made by me for the Christmas Cottage Swap on All About Paper Piecing, 2009.

Pattern by Tina Reed.

Homes For The Holidays

Quilting Detail: Custom Quilting by Rock Creek Quilts

Homes For The Holidays

Quilting Detail: Custom Quilting by Rock Creek Quilts

Homes For The Holidays

Quilting Detail: Custom Quilting by Rock Creek Quilts

My family always holds off on decorating for Christmas until after my son’s birthday on December 2. We had a house full of boys last night and this morning the celebration is officially over.

We’ll be decorating tonight after I spend my afternoon at Honey Bee Quilt Store for Open House for January – May classes and then “Homes for the Holidays” will officially be in circulation!

Happy Sunday!

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8 thoughts on “Homes For The Holidays

  1. mary beth ticknor

    Its raining here in Longview also and we need it! I am in love with your home for the holiday quilt. I have lots of block patterns for houses and this is a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. woozelmom

    LOVE your Christmas quilt!!! The colors are so vibrant!! There is just nothing like that great feeling when you can cross a UFO off of your list :0) Shannon did a beautiful job with the quilting. I love the stars :0)

    1. ofenjen Post author

      I love it, too! I’m so happy to be able to have in circulation for snuggling during all our favorite Christmas movies this year. I love the quilting…Shannon always does a great job. 🙂


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