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A Quilted Christmas

Christmas Quilt

The holidays would not be the same without quilts. There are quilted items all over my house, but we have the special Christmas ones out just once a year.

Tree Skirt Quilt

My hubby and I have been using this Christmas tree skirt, made by my mom, since 1994. It’s adorned every tree, each year we’ve been married.

Quilted Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree wall hanging was also made by my mom and given to us the same year as the tree skirt. Here it is hanging in or downstairs.

Homes For The HolidaysThis is the one and only Christmas quilt I’ve made that is larger than a wall hanging! We put it away during the year and bring it out at Christmas. This is our third year to enjoy snuggling under the quilt I dubbed “Homes for the Holidays.”

Marie tells Santa what she wants for Christmas.


This awesome stuffed Santa being snuggled by Marie was made by my mom for the first Christmas my hubby and I spent together.

His place of honor is the rocking chair. He proudly sits there every year, often with a kitty in his lap. He looks pretty good for a 19 year old Santa!

Guess who just came down my street?! #santa


Speaking of Santa, he took a ride down my street earlier this week!

Stop back by every day between now and Christmas as I share crafts and ornaments that are special to me and my family.

Do you have special quilted items just for Christmas? Tell me in comments, I’d love to hear!


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Homes For The Holidays

Homes For The Holidays

It’s raining in Austin.

Beautiful, wonderful, life-giving rain. After a year of drought, it’s a magical sound.

Rain is not, however, conducive to taking quilt photos. I love photographing my quilts outside. This so-so photo was taken in-between showers. It’ll have to do for now because I will trade good photos for rain any day!

“Homes for the Holidays” started as a pile of cottage blocks from a 2009 swap on the now defunct All About Paper Piecing (the site is still there, but deactivated).  I free-hand designed the paper pieced trees and just kept adding until the quilt top was a  nice lap size!

This project made my UFO to do list for two years running: 2010 and 2011. It’s good to move it to the “completed” list!

Christmas Cottage Swap
Blocks made by me for the Christmas Cottage Swap on All About Paper Piecing, 2009.

Pattern by Tina Reed.

Homes For The Holidays

Quilting Detail: Custom Quilting by Rock Creek Quilts

Homes For The Holidays

Quilting Detail: Custom Quilting by Rock Creek Quilts

Homes For The Holidays

Quilting Detail: Custom Quilting by Rock Creek Quilts

My family always holds off on decorating for Christmas until after my son’s birthday on December 2. We had a house full of boys last night and this morning the celebration is officially over.

We’ll be decorating tonight after I spend my afternoon at Honey Bee Quilt Store for Open House for January – May classes and then “Homes for the Holidays” will officially be in circulation!

Happy Sunday!

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Half Price Happy Tree!

Tree Trimming

Feel like making something Tree-ish?

Tree Trimming has been one of the most fun patterns that I have released “into the wild,” and certainly one of the most fun patterns that I’ve presented as a class!

The creative interpretations have been many and I never ceased to be amazed by the creative choices of fabrics and embellishments!

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, how about Sewhooked Saturday? My most popular pattern, Tree Trimming, is on sale now through November 30!

$8.00 $4.00 through Nov. 30, 2011

with coupon code HAPPYTREE

This cheerful tree combines tradition and whimsy in the color palette of your choice. Add buttons, beads, embroidery or quilting to make it your own!

paper piecing, strip piecing
14 1/2″ x 21 1/2″ finished size

Includes paper pieced patterns, fabric requirements, cutting and piecing instructions.

Instant Download PDF pattern  Add to Cart

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Tree Trimming - Honey Bee Quilt Store Kit

Here are some great examples from the Sewhooked flickr group:

Tree Trimming

by liljabs

Tree Trimming Outside

by shaebay

Tree Trimming

by hermione_jean

Happy stitching!


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TTMT #69 – In Which I Manage To Not Complain Too Much (even though I really want to)

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Happy crafting!