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A Quilted Christmas

Christmas Quilt

The holidays would not be the same without quilts. There are quilted items all over my house, but we have the special Christmas ones out just once a year.

Tree Skirt Quilt

My hubby and I have been using this Christmas tree skirt, made by my mom, since 1994. It’s adorned every tree, each year we’ve been married.

Quilted Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree wall hanging was also made by my mom and given to us the same year as the tree skirt. Here it is hanging in or downstairs.

Homes For The HolidaysThis is the one and only Christmas quilt I’ve made that is larger than a wall hanging! We put it away during the year and bring it out at Christmas. This is our third year to enjoy snuggling under the quilt I dubbed “Homes for the Holidays.”

Marie tells Santa what she wants for Christmas.


This awesome stuffed Santa being snuggled by Marie was made by my mom for the first Christmas my hubby and I spent together.

His place of honor is the rocking chair. He proudly sits there every year, often with a kitty in his lap. He looks pretty good for a 19 year old Santa!

Guess who just came down my street?! #santa


Speaking of Santa, he took a ride down my street earlier this week!

Stop back by every day between now and Christmas as I share crafts and ornaments that are special to me and my family.

Do you have special quilted items just for Christmas? Tell me in comments, I’d love to hear!


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