TTMT #155 – Caffeine-Fueled Creativity

Next week is my 156th consecutive episode of Talk to Me Tuesday and I’m taking questions and requests!

What do you want to know?

What projects would you like to see?

Let me know and I’ll do my best to include them all!

Links from today:

  • Bear Paw (1/12) – Completed and gifted!
  • InuYasha Quilt (2/12) – Completed and gifted!
  • Project of Doom Signature Quilt (3/12 – March) – top completed with borders, needs embroidery
  • Granny’s Signature Quilt (4/12 – April) – in queue
  • The Project of Doom (5/12 – May) – needs binding, on it’s way to me in the mail!
  • Embroidery BOM (6/12 – June) – next step planned at retreat
  • New York Beauty (7/12 – July)  – Completed and gifted!
  • 5 @ The Hive 2011 (8/12 – August) – progress made during retreat (I forgot to show these!)
  • Vintage Quilt Top (9/12 – September) – in queue
  • Hand Applique (10/12 – October) – in queue
  • HP/Magical Swap Blocks (11/12 – November) – Layout Decided on during retreat
  • Churn Dash/Snowball ) (12/12 – December) – Borders decided during retreat

Read more about my 12 UFOs!


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8 thoughts on “TTMT #155 – Caffeine-Fueled Creativity

  1. Robin Zinser Bruyns

    Your quilt tops look fantastic!! How exciting to get so much done. A few days ago I was googling HP crafts and your site pulled up a really old post of your in which you mentioned a letter from JK Rowiling that I had never heard of before. So for your 156th episode I was wondering if you could tell (retell) about it? I would love to hear the story!!

  2. Terri

    My only question of you is: How, in the world, do you get all this done??? and still have time for family, friends, and blogging and video, and stuff we don’t even know that you do!!!!!!!!!. (You must have a super metabolism!) Any secrets you can share?

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Well, this particular video is after being locked in a house in the woods for almost four days with nothing but my friends and my projects! We kept each other busy and inspired. 😉

  3. Quilter in Motion

    Jennifer, I love your posts and your creativity. Here’s a subject you might be able to “talk” about. Often lately I’ve found blocks I’ve love to make but due to the rules of a certain project, I have to keep the blocks to 9″ at the largest. What is the best way to reduce a block? What if it’s not a paper-piece one that I can put in the printer but just gives the measurements? How do I reduce that safely?

    1. ofenjen Post author

      There’s a great chart over on The Quilt Snail that works great if you’re reducing or enlarging your patterns on a copy machine.

      When I want to change a non-paper pieced block size, I try to break it down into a 4 or 9 patch. If you can break the shape down, it’s easier to figure out how to scale it down. Here’s a good article on analyzing your blocks to figure out what size you need. has a good tutorial for reducing a 4-patch based block.

      I sure hope that helps!


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