Oh Sweet Mushroom

Embroidered Mushrooms from a Vintage Pattern

I’m elbow-deep in preparations for the blog hop, which is keeping me from my usual big, happy posts.

Not to worry, I’m sure you will have had quite enough of me by the end of April!

I shared this little piece in Talk to Me Tuesday earlier this week. It’s my interpretation of a vintage design. This was made purely for the pleasure of stitching.

EDITED TO ADD: Free Oh Sweet Mushroom Embroidery Pattern!

Happy Friday!


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11 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Mushroom

  1. joyofstitches

    I forgot to comment on this from your TTMT. It is tooooo cute! I love mushrooms. I love french knots. I love this. 🙂

    Nothing like stitching for the pure enjoyment of it.

    (This is Aalia, by the way. WordPress is insisting I have to log in with my as-yet-nonexistent blog account to leave a comment…)

  2. soma1773

    This is so beautiful. When I showed my husband this in Talk To Me Tuesday, he liked it so much, he asked if I could make one. Do I have your permission to make one for our home? Thank you!


    1. ofenjen Post author

      Hi Soma,

      You’re absolutely welcome to! I traced this design off of a vintage stamped block that was never embroidered and had lost a lot of it’s markings. I had to add quite a lot in, so it’s certainly changed enough to not violate any copyrights (if any exist). I will work on getting a pattern up to share, but you’re welcome to use my photo to make your own version. 🙂

      1. soma1773

        Wow! That was quick! I was working on a paper-piece pattern today, so this is definitely a surprise. You made my weekend! It looks great, I will work on it and let you know. Thank you SO much!


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