There She Sews!

There she stitches!




Remember the lavender Kenmore?

The bobbin case came in the middle of the drama of my week, and there it sat for almost 36 hours before I had the wherewithal to even look at it.

Fortunately, I had one whole bobbin in my collection that fit the machine and it turns out, she sews just fine with all her pieces back together!


Lost & Found



My next simple piecing project is going to be the true test for this old gal. I can’t wait to really put her through her paces!


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9 thoughts on “There She Sews!

  1. Jevne

    Just like the bobbin set-up on my old Kenmore. You’ll love this machine. Mine still sews like a dream after almost 50 years….bought it Nov., 1962.

  2. Lucy

    My 1974 Kenmore looks like the exact same set up. I also have a 1960 something that has a different bobbin setup. The 1974 I have had since birth and the 1960 something came with my daughter’s house when she bought it from an old lady that had passed away. $25 got me one of the best machines Kenmore has made! Both machines are in perfect working order and I love working with both of them! I wish mine was Lavender!!! good luck with them!

  3. Jewells

    That bobbin setup looks jut like mine in my trusty 70s-era Kenmore. Takes practice for taking apart, cleaning and putting back together (after working with new, plastic machines) but totally worth it.


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