TTMT #176 – A Little Better

Lots of rambling along with an update on my furball and a visit from Sir Tackett himself.

Use coupon code TACKETT right here on Sewhooked and in my Etsy Shop for 25% off your total order during the month of August. This special coupon has been created as a fundraiser for my beloved and sick kitty, Tackett. Tackett is a regular visitor to Talk To Me Tuesday and even has his own Facebookpage. The great majority of the patterns I’ve designed have come into life with Tackett sitting in my lap or on my feet.

Have you made patterns or projects from Sewhooked? I would love to see!  Add them to the Sewhooked flickr group for a chance to be featured on my blog!


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4 thoughts on “TTMT #176 – A Little Better

  1. Sue

    I weigh my cat this way…. You hold Tackett and take the weight of both of you…. then you weigh yourself alone (immediately after), and subtract your weight from the combined weight…… it will be very accurate! My prayers are with you, Tackett, and all of his doctors and care takers…..

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Unfortunately, my scale just isn’t dependable enough. I was weighing him that way and I waited to take him to the vet because I didn’t think he was losing that much weight. When I took him in, their scale said he weighed almost two pounds less than my scale!

      I did manage to get him on my postal scale by balancing a box on top…and he has gained a tiny bit since his last vet visit. 🙂

      Thanks such much for the prayers. 🙂

  2. Borse Di Gaya

    I was away for a week and I’m catching up on everything now. I’m so so glad tackett is getting a little bit better, cats are the heart of a house and I can’t bare when they are sick and you don’t know how to help them.
    A hug to all of you, I’ll be waiting and hoping for good news.


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