12 for 2012: How’d I do?

A year ago, I posted this invitation here on Sewhooked:

Choose 12 UFO projects to complete in 2012, earmarking one for each month. Number your projects so you can keep track: January will be 1/12, February 2/12, etc. My plan is to work on big projects and small projects on alternating months so I don’t get overwhelmed by how much I have to finish.

The goal is to have 12 completed projects by the end of 2012. When you finish a project, post about it anywhere else you like to share your crafty goodness, your blog, facebook, YouTube, etc.

If you don’t have 12 UFOs, then earmark any extra months for projects you’ve been wanting to start, keeping in mind that the idea is to have a finished project at the end of each month.

The invitation to work towards completing 12 Unfinished Projects in 2012 was taken up by many of you and you shared your UFO stories right along with me. A big THANK YOU to everyone that played along. Whether you completed one project or twelve, I hope you ended 2012 feeling accomplished and one step closer to your goals!

Definitions of some initialisms used in this post:

UFO = UnFinished Object – a project that has been set aside and allowed to collect dust. Chances are it’s existence has been forgotten until it’s pulled out of whatever dark hole it was stuffed into. While there, it probably multiplied like Tribbles, leaving many more UFOs than you remember putting there in the first place.

WIP = Work In Progress  – Always in danger of becoming a UFO, a WIP is a project that is currently being worked on, and will hopefully become a…

FO = Finished Object – What all projects dream of being. The object of much blog activity and excitement and a good source of personal pride. The Ultimate Destination of a UFO and WIP.

Below you will find the current state of my 12 for 2012 list. It does not include any new projects started in 2012…and there were a lot of them!  The date in parenthesis is the birth year of each project. I’ve also included quilting methods because it’s one of the most common questions left in comments. 😉

Bear Paw Pass Around Blocks, aka Papa Bear (2008) 

12 for 2012 - 1/12, Papa Bear

  • 12 for 2012 – 1 of 12
  • Started 2012: As a quilt top. Originally from a pass-around that my bee did in 2008.
  • Now: FO, Completed and giftedBorder added, and straight line quilted on my Baby Lock Quest. Gifted to my hubby, Eli, because I had never made him a quilt before.

InuYasha Quilt (2010) 

12 for 2012 FINISH - InuYasha Quilt 2/12

  • 12 for 2012 – 2 of 12
  • Started 2012: as a bag of t-shirts and random fabrics and the Shoji Screen pattern
  • Now: FO – Completed and gifted! This quilt was made for my daughter, Elena, out of her InuYasha t-shirts as well as a couple of t-shirts shared by friends. Also included are a hand embroidered block  (top right) and a stenciled block (bottom left). Free-motion quilted on my Baby Lock Quest.

Project of Doom Signature Quilt (2011)

The Project of Doom Signature Quilt

  • 12 for 2012 – 3 of 12
  • Started 2012: as stack of awesome signature blocks collected from the 2011 participants of The Project of Doom.
  • Now: WIPTop pieced, borders added & embroidery in progress (not shown). This is seriously a WIP…I’m working on it now!

Granny’s Signature Quilt (2010…and the 1930s)

  • 12 for 2012 – 4 of 12
  • Started 2012: As an in-progress hand quilting project.
  • Now: FO – Complete! Hand quilted, trimmed, bound. I also have a partially compiled list of who all the people on the quilt are thanks to my mom’s help.

Photobucket (2010)

AAQG QuiltFest, Austin, TX Sept 2012

  • 12 for 2012: 5 of 12
  • Started 2012: as a quilt top. Designed, pieced and hand embroidered by me. Free patterns available here. This project started for me as a design in 2010.
  • Now: FO – Complete, and how!  Quilted by Shannon Shaw.
  • AAQG‘s 2012 QuiltFest Winner: Judge’s Choice, Overall Award for Creativity, Honorable Mention (2 Person Quilt)

Embroidery BOM (2011)

June 12 for 2012 - Progress Made!

  • 12 for 2012 – 6 of 12
  • Started 2012: Hand Embroidered sampler blocks made in 2011. I undertook this project to learn how to hand embroider for The Project of Doom. The blog that offered these blocks has since disappeared.
  • Now: WIP, Top Completedneeds borders.

New York Beauty (2012) 

12 for 2012 FINISH - New York Beauty (7/12)

  • 12 for 2012 – 7 of 12
  • Started 2012: as a variety of blocks and a lot of pieces.
  • Now: FO, Completed and gifted! This was actually completed early in the year and gifted to our nephew, Marshall. Quilted on my Baby Lock Quest.

5 @ The Hive (2011)

12 for 2012 - August Project

  • 12 for 2012 – 8 of 12
  • Started 2012: As a few blocks and a lot of fabric pieces and patterns. Block of the Month from Honey Bee Quilt Store in 2011.
  • Today: WIP, Quilt top completed. Needs borders, quilting and binding. To be a gift.

Vintage Quilt Top (2010)

Anniversary Antique Mall find

  • 12 for 2012 – 9 of 12
  • Started 2012: As a vintage quilt top, a gift from my hubby in 2010.
  • Today: UFO, I have made no progress on this quilt.

Hand Applique (2010)

12 for 2012 - October Project

  • 12 for 2012: 10 of 12
  • Started 2012: as an applique block
  • Today: WIP, has been hand quilted. Needs to be trimmed, bound, labeled and have a sleeve added.

Harry Potter/Magical Swap blocks (2007/2008)

12 for 2012 - November Project

  • 12 for 2012: 11 of 12
  • Started 2012: As assorted blocks received from various Harry Potter and magically themed swaps.
  • Today: WIP – Blocks sashed and pieced, needs borders. Also, I have enough blocks left for another quilt, so they’ll end up on my list for this year.

Churn Dash/Snowball (2011)

12 for 2012

  • 12 for 2012: 12 of 12
  • Started 2012: Snowballs & Churn Dash blocks pieced.
  • Today: UFO – I made no progress on this quilt in 2012. Needs borders, to be quilted and bound.

My Final Score:

10 out of 12 projects worked on

5 complete!

Did you participate in 12 for 2012? Check out:

I intend to continue the tradition of finishing unfinished projects in 2013, though in a less epically organized way. Because of the success of my own 12 for 2012, I now have a lot of completed quilt tops that need borders and/or quilting! THAT is what’s on my list for the year!

Look for my 2013 To Do list to come later in January!


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10 thoughts on “12 for 2012: How’d I do?

  1. Dawn

    Good job, you did well.. Being new to quilting,I only have 2 to finish,Harry and TABA,then hope to get started on Not All Who Wander Are Lost –
    I have been sewing all my life (to long to mention) lol ,but only started paper piecing /quilting on Harry Potter



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