Hats Off to the Online Craft Community!



The thieving site is DOWN!

Thank you, thank you to everyone that stepped up to support indie designers and put your foot down against the violation of selling  free patterns without permission!

Thank you for not being afraid to speak up and take action. If we don’t say something to protect ourselves and our crafty friends, who will?

THUMBS UP to each and every person that stepped up to help!


12 thoughts on “Hats Off to the Online Craft Community!

  1. cathleensavage

    I’m taking a course from Harvard Law School on Copyright Law and Policy and have learned that “naming and shaming” is often a good alternative to legal action when the community is fairly close-knit and active. That’s us! Wahoo! So glad to hear it worked.

  2. Carol Moler

    Jennifer – Your courageous action started the process. A pebble has to be tossed in – or perhaps a boulder – for the ripple effect to begin. Great work!


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