Spring Fling Blog Hop: This one is for my peeps!

Welcome friends, old and new, to my part in Whims and Fancie’s Spring Fling Blog Hop! Be sure to scroll through to the end to see how to win my giveaway!

When I first learned of this fun event from Soma over at Whims and Fancies, the very first thing to pop in my head was bunnies. But not just any bunnies… PEEPS!

My original intention was to make just one 10″ Peep. If one Peep was cute, then wouldn’t three be cuter? Three quickly turned to eight and I realized my Peeps had multiplied like bunnies!

Peeps Bunnies

>>> Peeps! <<<

a 10″ pattern to paper piece. 

Instructions included for 5″ block.


Peeps! Designed in EQ7.

My Peeps got me thinking…what else has been crafted using these crunchy marshmallow treats as inspiration? Here are some of the Peep-tastic things I came across!

sewn peeps.
Peeps Bunny Bunting, tutorial Dana Made It; photo by rcakewalk

The Peep Plushie Tutorial & Silhouette File
Peeps Plushie, tutorial by Maggie Muggins Designs

Peep Floyd
And of course, my all-time favorite band, Peep Floyd, by Kim’s World of Art!

There’s even a flickr group just for PEEPS!

spring fling scrap bag

In true Peeps fashion, I’m giving away over half a pound of yellow and pink scraps perfect for paper piecing! The lucky winner can start his or her own bunny farm! All you need to do to win is comment with the answer to this question…what’s your favorite candy? You have until Monday, April 22 to comment!

There’s always lots going on around here, check out these other events I’m part of!

 photo FiSPoD_zpse9443b28.jpg

Stop back April 29 for my newest Quiltmaker contribution!

beginning may 19 2013

Live in the Austin, Texas area? Want to learn to paper piece?
Join me Sunday, May 19, 2013; 
1-4 pm for a fun beginner class
where you’ll learn all the basics you need to paper piece!Just 
$35 per person.Add to Cart

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71 thoughts on “Spring Fling Blog Hop: This one is for my peeps!

  1. Lauren aka Giddy99

    Love the paper-pieced Peeps! My all-time favorite candy are the Sweet Tart Jelly Beans. Thank God they are only sold around Easter, as I cannot be trusted with them.

  2. Jan Jones

    I’m making a holiday quilt or my granddaughter & needed more easter blocks. I actually dreamed about peeps for a block & here they are! Odd that I open my email & discover the block in my dream! Thanks!

  3. Annette

    I love the peeps! My favorite candies are Mary Janes. I have been eating them for as long as I can remember. When Easter rolls around though, they take backseat to Peeps. And I have to have all the different colors I can find!

  4. KatieQ

    Peeps are my all time favorite. When I was a nursery school teacher, my co-teacher would buy a few packs at Easter and save them to give to me when they got stale. I love then stale, but can never keep them in my house long enough to get that way.
    When I can’t get my beloved Peeps (the gingerbread looking peeps at Christmas are not acceptable), I enjoy semi-sweet or dark chocolate.

  5. Margaret R

    Jelly beans, but only Brachts. Or Jelly Belly. And only the original, not any of the newer ones.

  6. elsabean

    Many thanks for the Peeps pattern ~ I love them ~ not to eat but to look at!
    My favorite sweet? Blue Moon chocolates. They’re made right here in Portland, Oregon and are yummy!

  7. Jeanne

    Silly Jennifer, Peeps are for me! (you know silly rabbit, tricks are for kids) LOL Thanks, I love the chance to win this scrap package.

  8. Lori Morton

    Looooove Reese Peanut Butter cups!!!! (list could be loooonger too! lol)

    Love your lil peeps!!! Thanks for info how to make!! 🙂 Adorable!!!

  9. Lou

    Your Peeps are just adorable!!!! Not a big fan of eating them but do like to see them on the shelves:) I am a dark chocolate gal:)

  10. Carol Moler

    Jennifer, I love that we’ve been “peeped”! Your pattern is adorable! My favorite candy is almost anything dark chocolate and I have a weakness for York Peppermint Patties.Thanks for cheering up my snowy day – second heavy snow in less than a week. 🙂

  11. Nancy M

    Your pattern is SO CUTE! I have to admit, around holiday times I try to find Peeps in all shapes, colors, etc. But my year round favorite is Dove Dark Chocolate.

  12. Kathy A

    I so LOVE your PEEPS pattern! Thank you!! Favorite candy? Love the peeps when they are in season, but all year round candy spice drops:-) I hope I win and thanks for giving me the chance.

  13. connandvansmom Tammy

    Love the peeps.. Great job on the patttern. You are very creative to have come up with this one. And thanks for the links to the other peeps tutotial for the banner flag. Love my peeps. Lets see my most favorite candy of all is the choclate covered peanut butter eggs by Reeses & the choclatte covred peanut buttter bunnies avaialbel at easter time for Russell Stover. Other wise it is Resses peanut Butter cups the rest of the year. what a great spring giveaawy…ohhh who can resist scraps…..Someone is gonna be a lucky peep to win…

  14. Angelia L.

    Your Peeps are soooo adorable!! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I don’t eat a lot of candy but when I do it is usually covered in dark chocolate. I really like Dark Chocolate Kit Kat bars but they are hard to find (that’s a good thing).

  15. Lori Smanski

    your peeps are adorable. thanks for the pattern.
    i really love resses peanut butter cups, original
    thanks for a chance to win such wonderful scraps.

  16. Maureen Clifford

    I love this pattern! so cute! I can picture a great Easter table runner made from these guys! I have quite a sweet tooth when it comes to candy, but my favorite is grape licorice. Hard to find, but sooo good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. LJ

    Not marshmellow; I like chocolate and nuts together. They have chocolate covered almonds Supreme which I get occasionally. My daughter loves Peeps especially after they’ve been allowed to dry out considerably! Yikes! This pattern is, “Oh, so cute.”

  18. Debby

    My kids are peep-freaks,but I would have to go for the Cadbury eggs for Easter and twix for the rest of the year. Great pattern!

  19. hardhatcat

    love the peeps. they’ll make a great bunny rug! My favourite used to be the polywaffle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polly_Waffle) but they stopper production in 2009 😦 Now i like anything by DD confectionery and the marshmallow bunnies/santas that they only bring out at Christmas and Easter 🙂

  20. Lynn D in NC

    Love the pattern and thanks for the chance to win your scraps. I love chocolate covered cherries with the creme filling.

  21. annmarie

    Cute bunny peeps – thanks. My favorite candy is turtles – those chocolate covered caramel gooey & nut sensations! Love scraps – thanks for the chance.

  22. Susan

    I don’t have just one favorite candy. A lot depends on what mood I am in and sometimes what I have eaten prior to the candy. In general my favorite would be Lindt’s chocolate truffles.

  23. Karen

    Oh my gosh, I love peeps! Not to eat though….. My favorites are most candies with chocolate, snickers, crunch bars, kisses…… and on and on…..

  24. stitchinggrandma

    I love the pattern and the giveaway! My favorite peeps are the traditional colors; yellow and pink. I love to “warm” a peep up in the microwave…watch it GROW ! ! !
    Mary Deeter / Stitchinggrandma

  25. Lois Oberg

    Peeps are my favorite, but I like them best when they sit around for a while and get a little hard. In fact I just ate my peeps from last Easter and have my peeps ready for next Easter.

  26. Sher Stiles

    Thank you for such a cute pattern. I love to eat Peeps! but somehow missed them this past Easter. Now I can have them smile at me all the time in my sewing room. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  27. Kim Cady

    I adore Cadbury eggs. I always buy a huge stash, eat them before Easter, and can never find them on the after Easter discount shelves:(

  28. kathy h

    My favorite candy is M and M’s. Love that they have seasonal colors too. Thanks for the peeps pattern. I love to paper piece and had never seen any peeps made that way before.

  29. Beth Strand

    See’s makes the most wonderful chocolate covered marshmallow eggs! Of course, they’re only here for Easter or I’d be in trouble! I made four of your peeps to do a mug rug for the April Showers Hop (it still needs quilting) but I also made one with your heart mug pattern. I’m busy trying to upload them to flickr as I type, thank you! pbstrand@msn.com

  30. Abbie LaBattDansereau

    Jennifer, I have been trying to email fandom in stitches with the receipt of my donation to Linus, but it just comes up as a blank page when clicking on the link on the Fandom page.  Is there another email adress I should use?   Abbie LaBatt-Dansereau  


  31. becky derry

    This is adorable great jobs and pattern. I think reeses p.butter cups and 3musketeers are my fav. Thanks

  32. Kate

    Your peeps are adorable. I think I will have to try that, just for fun. i discovered, this Easter that they have combined 2 of my favourite candies. They now make CHOCOLATE-COVERED PEEPS!!!!

  33. Karen James

    Are there written instructions for the Peeps block. I’m new to paper piecing and not sure how to begin. I would like to make a block but I am unsure of the measurements to cut the fabrics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Karen James

        Thank you so much Jennifer. The video explained a lot. I ready to tackle the peeps.
        The video was excellent and answered a lot of my questions. Wish me luck…



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