Goodbye, my Faithful Furry Friend

Tackett, 1997 - 2013
After a long fight with various health issues, we said goodbye to our beloved Tackett today.

He gained many friends with his various surprise visits on Talk To Me Tuesday.

He was a loving, talkative companion and we will miss him with all our hearts.

Tackett “Ticky”

1997 – 2013


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40 thoughts on “Goodbye, my Faithful Furry Friend

  1. Su Scott

    I’m sorry to hear about your Tackett …. after a while, pets are furry children. I hope that you remember him with fond memories and know he’s waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. Take good care today with a big ‘ole box of tissues. Hugs and prayers. su ‘-]

  2. Beth Strandb

    My condolences. I have had many pieces of my heart cross the Rainbow Bridge with my fur babies. It’s so hard when they go but their love and companionship is so worth it. Hugs to you.

  3. mary schmidt

    So sorry you lost your beloved pet. I recently lost one of my adored cats. It is so very hard to say goodbye to these furry members of our families. I will be thinking of you.



  4. star6191971Debbie Stair

    I just lost Boo Radley (To Kill a Mockingbird), a recue cat I’ve had for 7 years, and sympathize with your loss. We really do not realize what a presence they are in our lives until they are gone. As a child said at the burial of his pet: ” He was good while he lasted!” May the same be said of us when we pass on!

  5. therese

    sorry there losing any animal pet is devastating – i lost two doggies during this last month and it makes one so very very sad – tackett also on the otherside of the rainbow with many other little friends

  6. patricia

    My heart goes out to you and your family…loosing a beloved furry friend is just so difficult.

  7. iluv2create

    Ah that is so sad! So sorry and I know how it is because we lost 2 pets in 2 years. My cat Roman was so sweet but so sick and we had to take care of it when he was 14 yrs. And my beloved Kristie-Dog went the following year. Again, so sorry!

  8. edy

    Heart hugs to you and the family on the loss of your sweet Tackett. I know you have many sweet memories to help your broken heart.

  9. Ceil

    Feeling very sorry for you as the loss of a pet is like losing part of ourselves. When the last of our cats died about 15 years ago we said we’d have no more due to my allergies. Now I love them vicariously- our neighbor has some who come and hunt on our property and I enjoyed Tackett and a bunny from someone’s site. So I do feel your loss. And male cats are just the sweetest things.

  10. myra

    Pets are such a sweet, encouraging part of our lives and family. I am sorry for your loss today.

  11. Jan Barnett

    Pets…so dear to our hearts and so Heart-Breaking when they leave us. Bless your heart…

  12. Lori Smanski

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your kitty. He will always be in your hearts and memories.

  13. Dennis Daley

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m so sorry to learn that Tackett went to the rainbow bridge. I for one will miss seeing him on TTMT. Hope you can find some comfort in the great memories he created for you. Love the picture of him, he was a gorgeous kitty.



  14. SueAnn Wirick

    I’m sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. We whoo have been in your shoes understand how hard this time of their lives are but when we love them we always want to do whats best for them.

  15. Cheryl

    So sorry about your kitty. It’s never easy to lose one of our beloved pets, even when it is expected. I’m sure you have wonderful memories of him.

  16. Roubaix

    Tackett will be missed by many as we came to enjoy his presence in your videos. I am sure he is at peace and I wish the same for you and your family.

  17. DebV

    So sorry for your loss. Tackett had a wonderful life with a wonderful and caring family. I am sure he will always be in your hearts.

  18. melodyflea

    Jennifer………..a year and a half ago in November I had to put my kitty Stuffy L. to sleep at 18.3 years old. His kidneys just went and he could not go on. A month later my last sibling a sister and my best friend went to sleep and went on to be with our ancestors. Needless to say I was devastated by both. I went to a psychic/medium and after my sister my kitty came through……….so………..I know I will be seeing him again on that Rainbow Bridge as you will be seeing Tackett oneday………….when your loved one passes their memory becomes a blessing……….
    Thinking of you………

  19. kelleighz

    I hope that the memories of his love and your love for him make your heart smile at random times when you need it most. Sorry for your loss.

  20. Carol Donovan

    Jennifer…I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend. I know how you feel as I too had to have my 13 year old best friend kitty Dramady Comma Donovan put to sleep after she had undergone chemo treatment for lymphoma and was getting better. Then a bug bite gave her a terrible sore near her tail and finally renal failure. She was such a sweet loving kitty and my best friend. Prayers for you as you mourn the loss and never say we don’t mourn our animal friends.

  21. Carol Bowers

    So very sorry about Tacket, it is so hard. We had to have our precious TK who was 17 put down a few months ago and I still cry sometimes when I think of him. His wife, PiPi is 18 and still here, didn’t eat for a little while but is back to eating so have hope for more time with her.
    Have you ever seen the poem, the Rainbow Bridge? If not google it, and it is wonderful. Tacket will be waiting for you and is now young and healthy across the rainbow bridge.


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