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TTMT #401 -End of 2016

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60” x 72” (for 12” blocks) or 30” x 36” (for 6” blocks)

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Fairy Tale Femmes

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TTMT #340 – What’s a little noise?

31 Days of Halloween on

Today’s video doesn’t have much in the way of Halloween (unless you count the end of the video!), I do hope you’ll forgive me! I’ll be back tomorrow with more 31 Days of Halloween!

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!


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DIY Kitty Vending Machine

We’re a bit busy around here this week getting ready for back to school and all the things it entails, but I do have one small, fun thing to share: 10 seconds of cat video!

This is our newest family member, Rose (adopted at the end of March this year), fetching a treat for herself. She gets treats every day to help with her shedding, and she can gobble up her entire ration in about 2 seconds and come out wanting more!

I found this on Pinterest and unlike most projects I’ve pinned, I actually made this one! Rose is a treat gobbler, so we thought anything that would slow her down would be a good thing.

I was able to find a blog that mentioned the craft, but not one that credits who came up with it.


This month, ALL photos of projects made from Sewhooked patterns, including Paper Piecing Vintage, shared with the Sewhooked flickr group will be entered to win a copy of Jack Leaves The Light On!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back full-swing soon!


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Another Furry Goodbye

My beautiful Merlin. #kitty

On Saturday, we said goodbye to our furry boy, and the eldest of our kitties, Merlin.

I won’t go into details here, only know that he suffers no more.

Almost exactly a year after we said goodbye to our other old furry boy, Tackett (the TTMT kitty), we let our Merlin go.

We miss him so much already.

Tackett & Merlin - A Temporary Truce

Tackett & Merlin, 2010, both of them fat & happy.

We adopted Merlin in March 2001, when he was 3 years old. We found him at the Austin Humane Society, where he had been for quite sometime. He was a big boy, 13 pounds when he was skin & bones, and no one wanted him because he was a black cat.

They don’t know what they were missing. He had the sweetest temperament, just low key and loveable. He and Tackett were companions and buddies for over a decade.

2002 - Merlin, our black cat

He was such a special part of our lives that in October 2002 my daughter decided that there would be nothing better to be for Halloween! It’s hard to see in this photo, but her tag says “Merlin” and she’s sporting a long black tail. 🙂

A Rose in the morning!  #kittyspam Marie says good morning!

We are very lucky to still have our two beautiful girls, the new: Rose (left) and Marie (right). Marie was the baby when we still had our Kitty Herd. The girls aren’t quite getting along yet, but we’re working on it and hope that they will have a long, happy life together.

To those of you that follow me elsewhere online and sent your condolences over the weekend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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How can evil be so cute? And Cats, just because.

Two #Cthulhu are better than one! #crochetHappy Saturday!

Yesterday, I crocheted the dark green Cthulhu you see her for my hubby to take to work.

Baby C has lived in on his bedside table for quite a few years now and he really wanted another to geek up his desk at work, so I obliged. Big C was relatively fast to make and just so cute! Baby C was Caron Simply Soft, and Big C was made from worsted acrylic. It was a cake of yarn, so I’m not sure what brand, could have been Bernat.


The free pattern is here.

Hanging out with Rose.  #sheltercat #rescuekitty #catsofinstagram

Our new baby, Rose, is doing well. She is still mostly hiding, but I can coax her out with treats and when I do, she is so, so sweet and snuggly. For some reason, some loves my big toes and will lay in my lap with her paws on either side of one toe, like she’s holding on to it. That’s a new one on me!

She has met both Merlin and Marie, and while there had been very mild hissing, there was an initial 5 seconds of tail poufing and that was it. M & M have pretty much ignored her since becoming aware of her existence. I think once she comes out of my bedroom, they will take more interest. The door has been wide open for three days, but Rose hasn’t ventured past the door yet. I carried her to the top of the stairs and she was pretty much scared silly, so I put her down and she dashed back under my bed.

Merlin in a sunbeam.
This is Merlin in a sunbeam, just because. At 16 1/2, he’s the old man of the house now. He’s had a few health issues recently, but as my wonderful vet said, he’s doing pretty good for a guy his age.

marie face
Our beautiful Marie is no longer the baby of the house, but the sassy lady. She’s very curious about Rose and I have a feeling that once the Miss R settles in, they will be excellent playmates.


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Love is in the air!

The newest member of our family! 1 1/2 year old girl,  siamese with orange tabby markings.  She is fantastically sweet and she snuggles! Still deciding on her name. She met Merlin and Marie through the carrier and no hissing, which is a minor miracle.

Meet the newest member of our family!

She’s approximately 1 1/2 years old and is Siamese with orange tabby markings (what a perfect mix!).

She was at my vet’s office waiting for adoption. When I asked about her, the wonderful girls there told me she didn’t have a name and she’d been very blue since she’d been there, but was very friendly and snuggly when held. The very first thing she did when I met her was to tuck her head under my chin and right into my neck. Tears sprang right into my eyes. I haven’t been chin-tucked since right before we said goodbye to Tackett.

She met Merlin and Marie through the carrier and no hissing, which is a minor miracle. She’s currently hanging out in our bathroom until she gets used to us and is here long enough not to smell “other” to M & M.

She doesn’t have a name yet, but I have an idea.

Happy Friday!


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Adieu, Button

Tiny Crookshanks

It was a sad, sad day in our house.

Our sweet Button, furry calico Diva, passed away in her sleep last night. She was snug in her favorite basket when she went. She was just about 18 years old and she lived a good, long, and very well-loved life.

We will miss her with all our hearts.



Bee Happy, Make Quilts!

Tree Trimming & A Little Haunted KitsHere’s a little something fun!

Honey Bee Quilt Store in Austin, Texas has kitted up Tree Trimming and A Little Haunted with fun fabrics!

A Little Haunted Kit

Tag from A Little Haunted Kit

The kits even include binding!

You can pick up these fun quilts in the store or by giving them a call at 512-257-1269.


I’m in the middle of a computer crisis today. My laptop had critical hard drive failure this weekend and I’m waiting for repair and to see if any of my data can be restored. I am usually faithful about backing up because of all the pictures, patterns and documents I produce. Unfortunately, and insanely, I have not backed up in several months which means if my data can’t be recovered, I will lose design work, photos and documents from those last few months. If it wasn’t shared either online for via email, I won’t have it. I can’t even begin to express how distressing the prospect is!

To detract from the stress, I’m diligently working on cleaning my studio, finishing some charity projects and pushing ahead with 12 for 2012. My August quilt top just needs borders and I’m about to pull September out of the bag.

Hopefully, the quilt therapy will keep me sane until I know what the damage is!

Tabby Face Block Lotto

The Tabby Face Block Lotto is another ray of sunshine. I’ve received quite a few messages and photos from you all sharing that you’ll have Tabby Faces in the mail this week. How can a slew of happy kitty faces not make me feel better?

And for everyone checking in to see how Tackett is doing, we have not really seen any change. He hasn’t lost weight, but he’s not gained any since the first couple of weeks of his treatment. He still seems chipper, though, so we remain hopeful.

Thanks for listening…see you for Talk To Me Tuesday! Tomorrow’s will be a little different since my computer is out of action…along with all my usual files!

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