DIY Kitty Vending Machine

We’re a bit busy around here this week getting ready for back to school and all the things it entails, but I do have one small, fun thing to share: 10 seconds of cat video!

This is our newest family member, Rose (adopted at the end of March this year), fetching a treat for herself. She gets treats every day to help with her shedding, and she can gobble up her entire ration in about 2 seconds and come out wanting more!

I found this on Pinterest and unlike most projects I’ve pinned, I actually made this one! Rose is a treat gobbler, so we thought anything that would slow her down would be a good thing.

I was able to find a blog that mentioned the craft, but not one that credits who came up with it.


This month, ALL photos of projects made from Sewhooked patterns, including Paper Piecing Vintage, shared with the Sewhooked flickr group will be entered to win a copy of Jack Leaves The Light On!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back full-swing soon!


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2 thoughts on “DIY Kitty Vending Machine

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Hi Susan,

      It’s actually quite easy to make. You need a tissue box with the top cut off and some toilet paper rolls. I glued them in with school glue. Once they were set, I poured a little bit of glue in the center of each tube just to make sure it was stay put. It took a day or two to dry and then it was ready to go!


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