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Love is in the air!

The newest member of our family! 1 1/2 year old girl,  siamese with orange tabby markings.  She is fantastically sweet and she snuggles! Still deciding on her name. She met Merlin and Marie through the carrier and no hissing, which is a minor miracle.

Meet the newest member of our family!

She’s approximately 1 1/2 years old and is Siamese with orange tabby markings (what a perfect mix!).

She was at my vet’s office waiting for adoption. When I asked about her, the wonderful girls there told me she didn’t have a name and she’d been very blue since she’d been there, but was very friendly and snuggly when held. The very first thing she did when I met her was to tuck her head under my chin and right into my neck. Tears sprang right into my eyes. I haven’t been chin-tucked since right before we said goodbye to Tackett.

She met Merlin and Marie through the carrier and no hissing, which is a minor miracle. She’s currently hanging out in our bathroom until she gets used to us and is here long enough not to smell “other” to M & M.

She doesn’t have a name yet, but I have an idea.

Happy Friday!


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Love For Lily, A Thank You

Two weeks ago, I told you about Lily, the kitten my sister and her husband adopted after finding her abandoned near my parents’ home out in the country.

This is her story, and our thank you.

We now have all the money we need to pay for Lily’s medical expenses. We might even have a little left over to donate to our local Humane Society.

We quite literally can’t thank you enough.

Click here to learn more about Lily’s story.

Stocking for Lily
Here’s a little something I made for Lily. I was lucky enough to act as her post-surgery kitten sitter this week while my sister and brother-in-law were at work. She was a joy to be with every day and I will miss my mid-day kitten break!

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Craft: Pet Name Tags

I have kitties.

Lots of kitties.  Okay four, that’s lots, right?

My fur babies all stay indoors, but I still feel safest if they’re wearing a name tag with our address and phone number on it in addition to their city tags.   They’re sneaky, ya know?

After numerous lost collars, a couple of which turned up years later under a pile of boxes in the garage, I started making replacement tags instead of buying.  It’s easy and inexpensive.

The first one I made is about two years old now and is still in perfect shape!

You’ll need:

  • Polymer clay (like Sculpey or Fimo; also called polyclay)
  • polymer clay pasta machine OR poly clay rolling pin
    **please note: if using a pasta machine, it needs to be used only for polymer clay. DO NOT use the same machine that you’d make pasta with**
  • parchment paper
  • 1 to 1 1/2″ cookie cutter with a uniform shape (don’t be tempted to make the tag larger, the larger it is, the more likely your pet will be able to get into his or her mouth)
  • Bic Cristal Pen lid
  • toothpick or skewer
  • alphabet stamps (optional)
  • small cookie sheet
  • regular or toaster oven
  • acrylic paint
  • large jump ring
  • Sculpey Glaze

Knead a small amount of clay, then roll out with a clay roller or pass through pasta machine on the next to thickest setting.  On my machine, that’s an 8.

For more information about handling polyclay see Working With Polymer Clay on Crafts-For-All-Seasons

Place clay on a small on the parchment paper.   Press the cookie cutter straight down, making one blank.  If you’re making more than one, now is a great time to cut them all out.

Tag blank.

If you have alphabet stamps, use them to stamp on your pet’s name by gently pushing the stamp straight down and lifting straight up.  Shown are jewelers stamps, which need to be cleaned well if used with polymer clay.

If not using alphabet stamps, use the directions for finishing the back of the tag.

Finished front with a fun star stamp added.

Take the lid off the Bic pen.  It makes a perfect circle cutter for the jump ring hole.

Press the pen lid down into the clay, removing gently to avoid distorting the tag shape.  Remove the plug from the lid with a toothpick.

For the back (and the front if you don’t have stamps), use the toothpick to gently write your address or phone number.

Place parchment paper with tag(s) on cookie sheet and bake according to manufacturer’s directions.

Once the tags are cool, rub a small amount of paint onto the front and backs with a paper towel, wiping away the excess.  This will make the letters stand out.  Allow that paint to dry for a few minutes (it won’t take long) and then coat with glaze.  Allow to dry.

Add jump ring.

Because your pet will be wearing this and safety is always first, let the tag dry at least 24 hours before attaching it to his or her collar.

Merlin, wearing his custom kitty tag

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Happy crafting

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