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Lily – 3 Years Later

Lily - Three Years Later

This Lily, my sister and her hubby’s sweet kitty.

You may remember Lily from our big fundraiser from November 2011. She was rescued by Stephanie & Richard and she was obviously injured.

The vet discovered Lily had been shot and that she needed to have her leg amputated. It was an expensive procedure, but she needed it to save her life, and with the help of the online community, we raised enough money to cover the cost. Many, many people shared generously.

Lily - Three Years Later

She’s doing fantastically now and is Queen Kitty of the house with a brother kitty (Owen) and sister kitty (Miranda) in the house.

Thanks to Richard for the photos of Lily and to Michelle Thompson for reminding me that I hadn’t shared an update for a while!

Read all about Lily’s journey.

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Lily Update

Remember this face?

Lily is the kitten rescued by my sister and her husband in late November. She’d been shot in the leg and needed emergency surgery to save her life. With the help of many, many generous online friends, we were able to cover all of Lily’s expenses, including a later emergency to her remaining front leg also caused by the gunshot.

She’s got a pretty funky fur-cut from being shaved for her two surgeries (first, a leg amputation, later, spaying) and from the infection she had on her remaining front leg but she’s healing up nicely and is now over 7 pounds. She was just 4 pounds when she was first rescued.

She goes up and down the stairs with no problems at all, and climbs up and down furniture and is a fan of 2 a.m. snuggle time!

Yeah, I see you!

Talk to the paw!

Thank you all again for helping to save Lily, we could not have done it without you!

She’s come a long way from this little kitten with the shattered front leg:

Thank you again to everyone that helped this sweet cat. Lily’s got a new life, a new home and a second chance, all thanks to you!


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Christmas Eve at Lily’s House

Christmas 2011
Lily loves her mitten. She reached out to me and I held her paw for several minutes. It was so sweet!

We spent Christmas Eve this year at the home of my sister, Stephanie and her husband Ricahrd, which you may remember is also Lily’s new home. We had a lovely visit with family while Richard and I competed for who could take the most pictures of Lily!

Lily has flourished in her new home since her surgery.  She just recently graduated from her post-surgery confinement and now has the run of the house. She climbs the stairs, crawls into and under things, rolls around in her toys and is shameless about asking to be petted. She’s gained weight and looks absolutely wonderful. She remains an incredibly sweet and friendly kitten.

Thank you again for helping to make that happen! You can see a list of everyone that helped Lily here.

Christmas 2011

Frankie, a red-eared slider, is Lily’s big sister.

Christmas 2011
Lily, sitting for pets.

Christmas 2011

This little super model had lots of photos taken!

Christmas 2011
Lily with her haul of toys.

Christmas 2011
We watched her creep closer and closer to the toys until her face was stuck right in the middle of them!

Christmas 2011

My sister had this in her living room. I thought it was very festive!

Tomorrow, look for a fun TTMT post of all the handcrafted goodies I gifted for Christmas!

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Lily’s Fairy Godparents


This is, I hope, a complete list of everyone that helped Lily. Please let me know if I missed your name. I compiled this from a metric ton of emails and messages, so it is possible that I missed someone!

Another HUGE thank you to every single person that helped Lily, you truly are fairy godparents to one little kitten!

More Lily photos coming soon…promise!

Monetary Donors:

  • Angela W
  • Shawny C
  • Catherine M
  • Robin B
  • Rachel G
  • Leslie W
  • Kerry O
  • Midge W
  • Taryn C
  • Linda A
  • Barbara S
  • Samantha M
  • Logospilgrim
  • Michelle T
  • Ann-Christin H
  • Lance R
  • Carrie H
  • Margie W
  • Amber L
  • Judy H
  • Alyssa R
  • Katherine C
  • Nancy B
  • Jenna C
  • Victoria H
  • Alisa W
  • Verlinda H
  • Eric M
  • Dominae P
  • Jennifer P
  • Rebekah C
  • Lorraine S
  • Kari S
  • Elsie W
  • Amber L
  • Brenda W
  • Donovan D
  • Pam M
  • Alice G
  • Beth Ann D
  • Jessica T
  • Amy M
  • Kristen N
  • Victoria E
  • Kathleen L
  • Sabrina G
  • Jaimie A
  • Elaine H
  • Katrina H
  • Hannah B
  • Cynthia H
  • Christina S
  • brian a
  • Julia W
  • Osie L
  • Eileen H
  • Meredith P
  • Kathleen D
  • Elizabeth C
  • Sheryl H
  • Allison S
  • Petra R
  • Gaia F
  • Victoria K
  • Lorraine R
  • Sarah D
  • Stephanie L
  • Anneliese K
  • Theresa D
  • Corinne J
  • Kent L
  • Jean M
  • JoAnna B
  • Lois M
  • Hottie M
  • Samantha H
  • Marjorie B
  • Darren M
  • Aunt Ann
  • Uncle R & Aunt C
  • Mom & Dad

Love For Lily Auctions

  • rivertempest
  • bonsaibetz
  • shecrazy13
  • hardhatcat
  • liljabs
  • Eric
  • quid_ink
  • robin8300
  • gelsey
  • floatingsoap
  • britfam
  • clumsey_chord
  • becca_8
  • elseinane
  • dozmuffinxc
  • pumagrrl
  • wildcard_47
  • enorto_1
  • craftylilthing
  • Secret Santa
  • dragonsinger954


  • irishredlass69
  • droxy
  • dragonsinger954
  • tripperfunster
  • ofenjen
  • hewtab
  • guineapigpeanut
  • delphipsmith
  • dozmuffinxc
  • hp5freak
  • hardhatcat
  • aalia7
  • logospilgrim
  • marus_puppy
  • sabrebabe
  • hypnobarb1
  • clumsy_chord
  • ldar28
  • timestep


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Please Spread The Word!

Lily Lily

We’ve topped $2000 in our Lily fund!

I’m waiting for a last couple of promised donations for the final total, but I think I can safely estimate $2,300 combined donations through PayPal, Cash and Check.


If you still want to help out, please make a donation to your local Humane Society, animal shelter or cat rescue organization in Lily’s name. There are lots of cats out there that need help and haven’t found the loving home and the generous friends that Lily has.

The PayPal button for Lily has been been disabled, but because Lily’s story spread fast and wide, I’d like to ask for one more favor; if you reposted Lily’s story, please share this message so everyone will know we have made our goal and that Lily is going to be alright.

We cannot thank you all enough for your help in spreading Lily’s story. The outpouring has been absolutely amazing!


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Love For Lily, A Thank You

Two weeks ago, I told you about Lily, the kitten my sister and her husband adopted after finding her abandoned near my parents’ home out in the country.

This is her story, and our thank you.

We now have all the money we need to pay for Lily’s medical expenses. We might even have a little left over to donate to our local Humane Society.

We quite literally can’t thank you enough.

Click here to learn more about Lily’s story.

Stocking for Lily
Here’s a little something I made for Lily. I was lucky enough to act as her post-surgery kitten sitter this week while my sister and brother-in-law were at work. She was a joy to be with every day and I will miss my mid-day kitten break!

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Love For Lily, Revisited!

Love for Lily is a Livejournal community of friends of mine and friends of friends offering their awesome crafty wares, supplies and other fun stuff in return for a donation to help pay for Lily’s medical expenses.

Don’t know about Lily? Just click here. The posts will show up in reverse order, so scroll down to the bottom for the full story.

Noon Central (U.S.), December 10 is the last day to make an offer, so make sure you check these out, and remember, it goes to a good cause!

Any funds earned past her actual surgery amount will be donated to the Humane Society of Williamson County, Lily’s new home county in here in Texas.



A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to every single generous person that has helped us create a better world for Lily!


Registration is open!

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