Please Spread The Word!

Lily Lily

We’ve topped $2000 in our Lily fund!

I’m waiting for a last couple of promised donations for the final total, but I think I can safely estimate $2,300 combined donations through PayPal, Cash and Check.


If you still want to help out, please make a donation to your local Humane Society, animal shelter or cat rescue organization in Lily’s name. There are lots of cats out there that need help and haven’t found the loving home and the generous friends that Lily has.

The PayPal button for Lily has been been disabled, but because Lily’s story spread fast and wide, I’d like to ask for one more favor; if you reposted Lily’s story, please share this message so everyone will know we have made our goal and that Lily is going to be alright.

We cannot thank you all enough for your help in spreading Lily’s story. The outpouring has been absolutely amazing!


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