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Help For Sophie

Sophie gofundme

Sweet Sophie is the fur baby of my lovely real life friend and former co-worker, Janis.

Sophie needs major surgery and it’s going to be expensive. Janis is one of the most generous ladies I’ve ever known and she never asks for a thing for herself and I want to do what I can for her faithful, furry companion.

Sophie gofundme

This is Sophie resting at home, waiting for the surgery she needs. If you can help by sharing or by sparing a few dollars for Sophie, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sophie’s gofundme

Football With Laces

As a special incentive, I will send a free PDF copy of Football with Laces (Janis is a football fan!) to anyone that donates at least $5 and forwards his or her receipt to sewhooked@gmail.com.

Don’t want a football? Request any $2.95 pattern from my Craftsy shop and it is yours with your receipt. Offer good until the $3000 needed for Sophie’s surgery is raised.

UPDATE: Sophie’s gofundme is now closed. She is unfortunately not a good candidate for surgery, so the next step is crate rest and lots of medication. The funds raised will pay for her prescription and we will all hope for the best!

Let’s help Sophie get the medical care she needs!


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Tickety Boo



After yesterday’s Talk To Me Tuesday, and the news that my very own stripey ball of fur and regular TTMT guest, Tackett is very, very sick, you all did some extra-ordinary things.

You spread the word about my TACKETT sale:

Use coupon code TACKETT right here on Sewhooked and in my Etsy Shop for 25% off your total order until August 31. This special coupon has been created as a fundraiser for my beloved and sick kitty, Tackett. Tackett is a regular visitor to Talk To Me Tuesday and even has his own Facebook page. The great majority of the patterns I’ve designed have come into life with Tackett sitting in my lap or on my feet.

Lots of you shopped and didn’t use the coupon at all. Everyone that shopped sent along heartfelt wishes and love for my furbaby.

I received a number of donations from friends and long-time readers to help with Tackett’s medical expenses; totally and completely unexpected. Very much appreciated.

There have been good thoughts, prayers and well wishes from all over the world. I can feel the love heading our way via email, text message, LJ, Facebook and Twitter.

So, here’s where we are today:

So far, he’s had a complete battery of blood tests, urinalysis, an  ultrasounds and some liver cells have been extracted. Tackett has lost about three pounds and he is terribly bony. He has been diagnosed with a serious liver infection, which is most likely hepatitis. There is a possibility that he has lymphoma. There’s a more thorough test for that, which is being done by a specialist. We won’t know the results for a few more days. He’s on three prescription medications for the infection and liver health, as well as a high protein, gluten-free diet to help him gain weight. Tackett is also on meds for hyperthyroidism, which he was diagnosed with last year. That complicates things a bit, too, as it also causes weight loss.

Because Tackett is a very vocal boy and is very clearly stressed by being at the kitty hospital, he returned home to us yesterday for treatment and recovery in the peace and quiet of his comfort zone. I’ll be his nurse and my family will be the support staff. 🙂

Despite everything, he remains his usual, sweet, cuddly and talkative self. He doesn’t have as much energy as he usually does, of course, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting his snuggles and to be petted.

Thank you all for your support in this. Tackett means the absolute world to me and to my family. He’s been part of our lives for 12 and a half years, and anything we can do to help him get healthy again, we absolutely will do.

Love to and gratitude to you all,


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Love For Lily, Revisited!

Love for Lily is a Livejournal community of friends of mine and friends of friends offering their awesome crafty wares, supplies and other fun stuff in return for a donation to help pay for Lily’s medical expenses.

Don’t know about Lily? Just click here. The posts will show up in reverse order, so scroll down to the bottom for the full story.

Noon Central (U.S.), December 10 is the last day to make an offer, so make sure you check these out, and remember, it goes to a good cause!

Any funds earned past her actual surgery amount will be donated to the Humane Society of Williamson County, Lily’s new home county in here in Texas.



A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to every single generous person that has helped us create a better world for Lily!


Registration is open!

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TTMT #139 – Kitties, Cold and STITCHED

Lily-sitting, day 2

Lily continues to improve after her surgery, thanks to you!

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post.


Registration is open!

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Lily Update


Lily has a fever and has tentatively been scheduled to have surgery to remove her right front leg tomorrow. The doctor has found a tiny broken bone in her left leg, too, but it is a non-weight-bearing bone and will heal on it’s own.

Thanks to the generosity of many, many people, we now have $1,360 of her estimated $2,000 in fees. We will be paying the first part of her treatment today and I should have a total amount owed in the next few days.

On behalf of my sister, her husband and Lily, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for helping give Lily a better life. We don’t know who hurt Lily, but we know who is helping her get better!

There are loads of great items up for offer on Love For Lily! Bidding closes Dec. 10.


Lily Update

Lily got to see a vet today and has had an exam, bloodwork and x-rays. She’s been vaccinated and tested negative for FLV. All good things.

Despite her injured leg, she is a healthy and incredibly friendly kitten. My sister said the vet had a hard time hearing her heartbeat because she was purring so loudly.

Now, here’s the crazy part.

If you get angry easily, you better sit down for this.

The problem with her leg?

She was shot. Her tiny leg is full of shrapnel from the elbow joint down. It’s likely she’ll have to have it amputated.

I have no words. A kitten. SHOT.

She will have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeons soon to see what, if anything, can be done for her leg. The current estimate for surgery is $1500. That is just the surgery and does not include today’s exam and tests or having her spayed, which sounds like it will have to be after her leg has healed.

In defiance of the completely heartless idiot did this to her we, my friends, will do our best to put this right. My sister and her husband are keeping Lily. She has a good home, now we just need to help her get the care she needs. I have pledged to help my sister and her hubby in any way I can so we can help Lily get better and have a healthier, happier life. Altogether, her fees look to be in the $2000 range. She is young, and other than her injury, she is healthy, and she is undeniably a people cat and is already responding well to the love and care she’s receiving.

To every single person that has already donated to help Lily, I thank you and my sister sends her thanks. I can’t even begin to express in words how much your generosity means to us. We’ve already raised $140 towards Lily’s care, and that is in less than 24 hours. YOU ALL ROCK.

If you’re just now finding this story and want to hear the beginning OR make a donation, you can click here for more information.


I’d like to come up with some other ways to help Lily. If you have a suggestion of something that we can do, please let me know.


Help For Lily

This is Lily. She is a beautiful, affectionate young tabby.

My sister and her husband rescued her after she was found dumped at our parents’ house Thanksgiving weekend.

That’s right, I said DUMPED. Our parents’ live out in the country, and animals often mysteriously ‘appear’ at country homes when their owners no longer want them.

We won’t even go into how angry that level of irresponsibility and lack of compassion makes me.

Lily has an injury to her right foreleg and some seriously unfeeling, unkind person thought it would be better to dump her at a stranger’s house than see to her medical needs.

Fortunately for Lily, she could not have landed in more loving hands than those of my sister and her husband.

Lily is between 6 and 9 months old. She needs vaccinations and to be spayed, all on top of the medical treatment she’ll need for her leg, which is still to be determined. As of this moment, we have no idea what the total cost will be.

In order to give this sweet girl the life she deserves, my sister and her husband drove the 2 1/2 hour drive home with Lily nestled in a cardboard box. They said she slept peacefully almost the entire way.

In an effort to help my sister and her husband pay for Lily’s medical needs, I’d like to take up a collection to help get her on her way to a happier, healthier life. You are absolutely not obligated, but if you’d like to share a dew dollars, any amount will help.

We are individual people helping one cat that really needs it, but if you can find it in your heart to help us out, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate through Paypal by sending funds to ofenjen@gmail.com; Re: Lily’s Medical Expenses.  This is my personal, non-business email address. You have my word that every penny will go towards Lily’s care.

(I apologize for the lack of Paypal donation button. WordPress.com, where Sewhooked is hosted, does not support that feature.)

Who could say no to that face? She looks so pretty in her new purple collar!


You can see here how her right paw is not all the way on the floor and is turned awkwardly.

Thanks for reading this personal and non-quilty post.