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TTMT #443 – Baskets & Tees

Oh, I’m so chatty today! Must be the caffeine I’m substituting for sleep. ūüėČ

T-shirts, & baskets, & Linus stuff, oh my!


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Block set assignments by color on the second and fourth Mondays through April! 


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Win a Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt!

Project Of Doom


Want a chance to win this Project Of Doom Harry Potter-inspiredbookcase quilt AND help 13-year-old Kenzie get the new kidney she needs?

Donate $5 to Kenzie’s GoFundMe and get one chance to win.

Donate $20 and get FIVE chances to win.

Drawing on March 25, 2017

——>¬†DONATE HERE¬†<——-

Can’t donate? Then please share this link!

This wonderful quilt was made by the fantastic Jennifer Rowles, a fellow Fandom in Stitches designer. She pieced and quilted it as part of a fundraiser to help a 13-year-old girl that really needs a new kidney.

Inside blocks designed by me, outside blocks designed by the Fandom in Stitches designers.


2017 quilt along.jpg

Find all posts on Sewhooked about PPV 2017.

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See you tomorrow for Free Pattern Friday!


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Reminder: Silent Auction on Saturday!

#silentauction #fundraiser #TheLinusConnection #charity #nonprofit thelinusconnection.org


There will be a LIVE Silent Auction on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the monthly meeting of The Linus Connection at St. Philip’s United Methodist Church in Round Rock Texas. There are lots of great things to bid on.

All proceeds go toward buying blanket making supplies for Linus volunteers!

Check out the Silent Auction Preview over on The Linus Connection for more details!



sewhooked.com October 2014 Pick 3 Giveaway!

This month’s giveaway is a bit different!

Stop by the Sewhooked flickr group and share photos of your quilt blocks & projects made fromSewhooked patterns, including Paper Piecing Vintage or any other pattern (free or for sale) designed by me. You will each project you share, you will be entered to win your choice of THREE individual block patterns ($2.95 or less each) from my Craftsy Shop! Click on the banner to go Sewhooked flickr group. Winner to be announced November 3, 2014!








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Tickety Boo



After yesterday’s Talk To Me Tuesday, and the news that my very own stripey ball of fur and regular TTMT guest, Tackett is very, very sick, you all did some extra-ordinary things.

You spread the word about my TACKETT sale:

Use coupon code TACKETT right here on Sewhooked and in my Etsy Shop for 25% off your total order until August 31. This special coupon has been created as a fundraiser for my beloved and sick kitty, Tackett. Tackett is a regular visitor to Talk To Me Tuesday and even has his own Facebook page. The great majority of the patterns I’ve designed have come into life with Tackett sitting in my lap or on my feet.

Lots of you shopped and didn’t use the coupon at all. Everyone that shopped sent along heartfelt wishes and love for my furbaby.

I received a number of donations from friends and long-time readers to help with Tackett’s medical expenses; totally and completely unexpected. Very much appreciated.

There have been good thoughts, prayers and well wishes from all over the world. I can feel the love heading our way via email, text message, LJ, Facebook and Twitter.

So, here’s where we are today:

So far, he’s had a complete battery of blood tests, urinalysis, an ¬†ultrasounds and some liver cells have been extracted.¬†Tackett has lost about three pounds and he is terribly bony. He has been diagnosed with a serious liver infection, which is most likely hepatitis. There is a possibility that he has lymphoma. There’s a more thorough test for that, which is being done by a specialist. We won’t know the results for a few more days. He’s on three prescription medications for the infection and liver health, as well as a high protein, gluten-free diet to help him gain weight. Tackett is also on meds for hyperthyroidism, which he was diagnosed with last year. That complicates things a bit, too, as it also causes weight loss.

Because Tackett is a very vocal boy and is very clearly stressed by being at the kitty hospital, he returned home to us yesterday for treatment and recovery in the peace and quiet of his comfort zone. I’ll be his nurse and my family will be the support staff. ūüôā

Despite everything, he remains his usual, sweet, cuddly and talkative self. He doesn’t have as much energy as he usually does, of course, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting his snuggles and to be petted.

Thank you all for your support in this. Tackett means the absolute world to me and to my family. He’s been part of our lives for 12 and a half years, and anything we can do to help him get healthy again, we absolutely will do.

Love to and gratitude to you all,


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Love For Lily, A Thank You

Two weeks ago, I told you about Lily, the kitten my sister and her husband adopted after finding her abandoned near my parents’ home out in the country.

This is her story, and our thank you.

We now have all the money we need to pay for Lily’s medical expenses. We might even have a little left over to donate to our local Humane Society.

We quite literally can’t thank you enough.

Click here to learn more about Lily’s story.

Stocking for Lily
Here’s a little something I made for Lily. I was lucky enough to act as her post-surgery kitten sitter this week while my sister and brother-in-law were at work. She was a joy to be with every day and I will miss my mid-day kitten break!

Don’t miss my Blog Hop Party Giveaway! I have a free pattern and a fun giveaway, too!


Join me for my workshop:

Registration is open!

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