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There’s Always Room for flickr

Before I share the awesome goodies that have been popping up over in the flickr group, I have to tell you about the last couple of days!

Before I knew about Lily, I was at home, my head stuffy as can be, feeling a bit sorry for myself that I didn’t have the energy to get up to my sewing room.

One phone call and a couple of text messages from my sister changed all that. There was a kitten, abandoned and injured that needed a home and medical attention. My sister and her husband would take her home.

I wanted to help, so I started brainstorming…what could we do to help this baby cat? How could we raise the kind of money it was going to take to get her on the road to wellness? My sister and her husband are doing the amazing part, taking her in and giving her a home and making sure she receives she love and care she needs.

I would help with the money, that’s the easy part. I checked my pockets, and a few moths fluttered out. So much for that.

Enter you guys…

Help Lily (post 1)

Lily Update (post 2)

Fortunately for me, I have AMAZING friends and am a part of online communities that always come through when needed. Since Saturday night, we have raised $465 of the $2000 Lily needs, which is simply AMAZING.

To help make it the rest of the way to our goal, my fandom friend suggested that I have an auction on Livejournal, something that happens from time to time when there’s a good cause or friend in need.  With their help, encouragement and participation, I’ve started Love For Lily:

Donations are still being accepted on Lily’s behalf, right at Love For Lily. As a bonus, fun handcrafted items, supplies and more are being offered for the highest donation “bid.”  As of this post, we have Harry Potter fabric, a custom crochet scarf, a Molly Weasley sweater (made to order), custom graphic logo design by a professional graphic artist, blown glass art, and custom fan art!

You can read all about how it works here.  Any funds earned past her actual surgery amount will be donated to the Humane Society of Williamson County, Lily’s new home county in here in Texas.

Subject change….fabulous flickr photos, all using patterns from Sewhooked!

Paper Pieced Elf Christmas Hanging Decoration
by sewtobed, Santa’s Helper from Holly Jolly

Quilting for Christmas
by Marjon Savelsberg, Sweet Sue Tops The Tree

by Marjon Savelsberg, Mrs. Claus, Wonky ‘lil Tree and Lil St. Nick  from Holly Jolly

Classic Sewing Wallhanging
by aalia7 (pockets for sewing supplies!), Classic Sewing

Tree Trimming - Honey Bee Quilt Store Kit
Reminder! Tree Trimming, is on sale for half-price now through November 30, with coupon code HAPPYTREE.

Are you one of the Faces of Quilting? Share your story and let us know right here!


Registration opens Dec. 1!

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Lily Update

Lily got to see a vet today and has had an exam, bloodwork and x-rays. She’s been vaccinated and tested negative for FLV. All good things.

Despite her injured leg, she is a healthy and incredibly friendly kitten. My sister said the vet had a hard time hearing her heartbeat because she was purring so loudly.

Now, here’s the crazy part.

If you get angry easily, you better sit down for this.

The problem with her leg?

She was shot. Her tiny leg is full of shrapnel from the elbow joint down. It’s likely she’ll have to have it amputated.

I have no words. A kitten. SHOT.

She will have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeons soon to see what, if anything, can be done for her leg. The current estimate for surgery is $1500. That is just the surgery and does not include today’s exam and tests or having her spayed, which sounds like it will have to be after her leg has healed.

In defiance of the completely heartless idiot did this to her we, my friends, will do our best to put this right. My sister and her husband are keeping Lily. She has a good home, now we just need to help her get the care she needs. I have pledged to help my sister and her hubby in any way I can so we can help Lily get better and have a healthier, happier life. Altogether, her fees look to be in the $2000 range. She is young, and other than her injury, she is healthy, and she is undeniably a people cat and is already responding well to the love and care she’s receiving.

To every single person that has already donated to help Lily, I thank you and my sister sends her thanks. I can’t even begin to express in words how much your generosity means to us. We’ve already raised $140 towards Lily’s care, and that is in less than 24 hours. YOU ALL ROCK.

If you’re just now finding this story and want to hear the beginning OR make a donation, you can click here for more information.


I’d like to come up with some other ways to help Lily. If you have a suggestion of something that we can do, please let me know.


Help For Lily

This is Lily. She is a beautiful, affectionate young tabby.

My sister and her husband rescued her after she was found dumped at our parents’ house Thanksgiving weekend.

That’s right, I said DUMPED. Our parents’ live out in the country, and animals often mysteriously ‘appear’ at country homes when their owners no longer want them.

We won’t even go into how angry that level of irresponsibility and lack of compassion makes me.

Lily has an injury to her right foreleg and some seriously unfeeling, unkind person thought it would be better to dump her at a stranger’s house than see to her medical needs.

Fortunately for Lily, she could not have landed in more loving hands than those of my sister and her husband.

Lily is between 6 and 9 months old. She needs vaccinations and to be spayed, all on top of the medical treatment she’ll need for her leg, which is still to be determined. As of this moment, we have no idea what the total cost will be.

In order to give this sweet girl the life she deserves, my sister and her husband drove the 2 1/2 hour drive home with Lily nestled in a cardboard box. They said she slept peacefully almost the entire way.

In an effort to help my sister and her husband pay for Lily’s medical needs, I’d like to take up a collection to help get her on her way to a happier, healthier life. You are absolutely not obligated, but if you’d like to share a dew dollars, any amount will help.

We are individual people helping one cat that really needs it, but if you can find it in your heart to help us out, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate through Paypal by sending funds to ofenjen@gmail.com; Re: Lily’s Medical Expenses.  This is my personal, non-business email address. You have my word that every penny will go towards Lily’s care.

(I apologize for the lack of Paypal donation button. WordPress.com, where Sewhooked is hosted, does not support that feature.)

Who could say no to that face? She looks so pretty in her new purple collar!


You can see here how her right paw is not all the way on the floor and is turned awkwardly.

Thanks for reading this personal and non-quilty post.



Paper Piecing: Eggsactly

three eggs

Combine the joy of spring with the joy of quilting and you have one of my all time favorite combinations!

How about Three Eggs (pictured above) made in happy spring colors or prints?   Three Eggs was created for my friend Cat, who loves chickens and is putting together a wonderful chicken/barnyard themed quilt!

Once you’ve scrambled your eggs, why stop there?  There are loads of great paper pieced patterns that would translate to a happy spring quilt or wall hanging!

Spring & Easter Themed Patterns:

lamb, snail and lily patterns from sewhooked

There are so many great free patterns out there and a slew of wonderful quilting books, too.  Whatever inspires you, grab it with both hands and enjoy!

If you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting