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Free Pattern Friday – Sitting Hen


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

I’m still in the mood for Spring, so I thought we’d continue with that theme and share a fun, sweet pattern designed as a Mother’s Day freebie some years ago.

Sitting Hen is 5″ paper pieced, and can be easily enlarged using this tutorial.

sitting hen 2017

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Chick and Sitting Hen

Remember the sweet chick from the Spring post a couple of weeks ago? Enlarge Sitting Hen to 10″ (link below) and pair with Pecking Check for this sweet Mini.

Need more help paper piecing? Check out this page of resources I curated just for you!

Want a different size? Check out how to enlarge & reduce quilt patterns using Adobe Reader!

2017 Fat Quarter Lotto

April is my birthday month and you’re invited help me celebrate by participating in the 3rd Annual Fat Quarter Lotto. It’s super easy – send up to four fat quarters, I’ll draw a winner* “live” on Talk to Me Tuesday on April 25.

It’s free to play. I am self-disqualified from playing. This is my way to say Thank You for another fun year of sharing!

*1 winner per 50 fat quarters!

Click for Details!

All entries must be received by April 24, 2017.

signature block

Are you quilting along with Paper Piecing Vintage? Share a Signature Block for the PPV Signature Quilt! This special project is a for a commemorative signature quilt that I will keep after Paper Piecing Vintage has concluded. Find this block on page 21 of Paper Piecing Vintage. If you’re only making a few blocks, you can also find the Signature Block Pattern right here.

(Save on postage and mail with your Fat Quarter Lotto!)

2017 quilt along.jpg

Stop by Sewhooked on the second and fourth Mondays of every month through June for the Paper Piecing Vintage Quilt Along (PPV2017)!

Find all posts on Sewhooked about PPV 2017

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Quirky Qwerty Alphabet!

Quirky Qwerty Alphabet - Now available!

I’m pleased to present Quirky QWERTY Alphabet, a set of  56 easy-to-piece paper pieced patterns.

Blocks are 6″ blocks (6 1/2″ unfinished). Get the entire set in my Craftsy Shop for just $9. That’s right, 56 patterns to incorporate names, emoticons, birthdays, anniversaries or whatever else you like into your quilt projects for only $9!

I'm a Craftsy Designer

The pattern includes a table of contents, character chart for easy reference and a link to my (free!) tutorial on resizing patterns, the full alphabet (A-Z), numbers (0-9) and lots of great keyboard characters to make emoticons, web addresses and more. See the full list below.

Quirky Qwerty Alphabet!

Included patterns are:

  • A-Z
  • 0-9
  • Period
  • Question
  • Exclamation
  • Comma
  • Semi-colon
  • Colon
  • Quotation Mark
  • Plus
  • Minus
  • Slash
  • Angle Bracket
  • Percent
  • Equal
  • Asterisk
  • Pound (Hash Tag)
  • Parentheses
  • Underscore
  • Dollar (U.S.)

My patterns are designed in EQ7!

Be sure to share photos of projects made from my patterns with the Sewhooked flickr group for a chance to win the monthly Sewhooked prize (January prize to be announced!).

My patterns can be found on Craftsysewhooked.comfandominstitches.com,  & Quiltmaker. Photos must be shared with the Sewhooked flickr group to be entered to win the monthly giveaway.

Happy stitching!


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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

  • Included are:


Football with Laces

6″ pattern to paper piece

$2.95 on Craftsy

Football season is here and that means a busy season for any family with kids who play, cheer, dance or march!

I’m a marching band mom and go to as many of the games as I can to see my kiddo out on the field during half-time. While I haven’t been a big football fan in the past, I am trying to learn, and with that in mind, have designed this new pattern, available exclusively through my Craftsy store!

How to Enlarge & Reduce Patterns using Adobe Reader

Like the pattern but want a different size? Don’t miss my tutorial, How To Enlarge & Reduce Patterns!

We have a new prize for September! Share your projects made from any Sewhooked pattern with theSewhooked flickr group, including Paper Piecing Vintage, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, Set 1: Monster Madness. The set includes 5″ patterns for all the classic monsters shown…just in time for Halloween!

Free Patterns: All About Sewing, Revisited

sewing machine spool of thread

button jar
These three sewing-themed blocks were some of my first ever paper pieced blocks to draft. I had just started designing my own patterns and really wanted to make something that said “sewing.” I had seen similar blocks, of course. Jars and spools are pretty classic when it comes to quilting, but having just learned to draft, I wanted to draw my own versions.

The original pattern are six or seven years old, and have gotten their first revamp in a long, long time. Compare the original version of the Sewing Machine with the new version, and you can really see how much cleaner and easier to read my patterns have become over the years. It’s cool to me to have this documented evidence of my own evolution.

Sewing Themed Wall Hanging Front

Sewing Themed Wall Hanging: Donated to a JDRF fundraising auction several years ago

As time goes by, I plan to update as many of my older patterns as possible. Who knows, maybe even some of those patterns that have been locked away in the Sewhooked Vault will see the light of day again!

I hope you enjoy these patterns for what they are: classic, simple and representative of the craft we love!

One Layout, Two Styles

Classic Sewing, Revisited Classic Sewing, Revisited

Trying out different fabrics in EQ7.

Free Patterns:

5″ Classic Sewing Machine

5″ Classic Spool

5″ Classic Jar

Lots more on the free pattern page!

Spool Quilt

A quilt layout created in EQ7  using just the Classic Spool pattern.

You still have time to comment and be entered to win a free copy of Polaroid My Memories Suite! Can’t wait for the drawing? Copy and paste STMMMS23344 to get $10 off the My Memories Software Suite. I’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday!

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Project of Doom Archive

You can now find all Project of Doom patterns archived here on Sewhooked.

The Project of Doom was a Harry Potter Block of the Week that took place between January and August 2011. The link above includes a comprehensive archive of all of the patterns that were posted during that time, including fabric requirements and suggested layouts.

Go have a look!


Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post!


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paper piecing: Quilt For Your Inner Genius

Pi 5" paper pieced pattern!
5″ Pi pattern only on etsy

Living in a house full of incredibly smart people, it was only a matter of time until their interests started bleeding into my crafting.  There have been cross-overs before with all sorts of fandom paraphanelia, from Star Trek to X-Men.

Now, it’s math.

I mean really, who doesn’t need a paper pieced Pi?

Alright, alright, it was my 11 year old son’s idea!  Happy now?

And for the curious…

From Wikipedia:

Pi or π is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle‘s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space; this is the same value as the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius. The symbol π was first proposed by the Welsh mathematician William Jones in 1706. It is approximately equal to 3.14159 in the usual decimal notation

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Paper Piecing: Eggsactly

three eggs

Combine the joy of spring with the joy of quilting and you have one of my all time favorite combinations!

How about Three Eggs (pictured above) made in happy spring colors or prints?   Three Eggs was created for my friend Cat, who loves chickens and is putting together a wonderful chicken/barnyard themed quilt!

Once you’ve scrambled your eggs, why stop there?  There are loads of great paper pieced patterns that would translate to a happy spring quilt or wall hanging!

Spring & Easter Themed Patterns:

lamb, snail and lily patterns from sewhooked

There are so many great free patterns out there and a slew of wonderful quilting books, too.  Whatever inspires you, grab it with both hands and enjoy!

If you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting