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Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 12 Blog Tour


Welcome to my post for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 12 Blog Tour!

I’m extra excited to share today’s patterns because it’s not only one of my favorite things I’ve shared with Quiltmaker, but it’s one of my favorite patterns that I’ve ever designed!

I had such fun creating this block and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Be sure to keep reading to the end to find out how to be entered to win today’s prize!

Special Delivery block by Jennifer Ofenstein, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12, 2016

Here it is: Special Delivery!

You’ll find this red-wearing fella and his sleigh full of presents on page 19 of Vol. 12.

See more of my Sunbonnet Sue designs.

Special Delivery block by Jennifer Ofenstein, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12, 2016 To add a to the fun, I embellished my block with hand embroidery (patterns included in the magazine).

Special Delivery block by Jennifer Ofenstein, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12, 2016

How about a snowflake? Here in Austin, Texas, it’s likely to be the only snow I see this year!

I also had a lot of fun playing with Special Delivery and combining this block with some of my other designs to see what kind of fun quilt layouts I could come up with.

Here are two of my favorites:

Table Runner idea with Special Delivery and On, Dasher! by Jennifer Ofenstein

Here, Special Delivery meets my reindeer block, On, Dasher! for a fun Christmas-themed table runner.

Quilt idea with Special Delivery and On, Dasher! by Jennifer Ofenstein

This layout is a bit more ambitious, with the same number of blocks as the table runner, but with the reindeer set in an arc. I just love this idea! Imagine this with a fun snowflake print fabric or lovely hand embroidered embellishments like oodles of snowflakes and reins for the reindeer team!

On, Dasher! A paper pieced pattern by Jennifer Ofenstein

Like On, Dasher? You can find him in my Craftsy Pattern Shop!

Just like all of my patterns, Special Delivery and the above fun layouts were designed in EQ.

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12, Fall 2015

And now, I have the pleasure of giving away a free copy of this issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks!  

To enter to win, share your favorite winter activity in comments. Easy peasy!

Only comments that include contact information will be eligible to win.

Winner to be contacted Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Get a personalized copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol 12 from my Etsy shop. My supplies are limited, so order now!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the rest of the Blog Tour!


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I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.com

Coming January 2016

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TTMT #344 – Quiltmakering

Are you looking for my Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour Post? Find that here:



Today I talk about Quiltmaker, fleece and The Linus Connection! All while sporting half-dried hair. Way to go, me!

Get it:

Enjoy the blog tour and be sure to stop by Talk To Me Tuesday for more fun videos every week!



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I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.comComing January 2016

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TTMT #287 – This One Has A List


Stop by Sewhooked on Thursday, November 20, 2014 for my block and a giveaway!

Looking to buy Quiltmaker Magazine? Here’s an easy link for current and past issues! I will also have a limited supply of signed copies for sale in my Etsy store. I’m waiting for them to arrive so I can post them for sale. I am very sorry for the delay.

Tree Trimming


In November, share ANY project designed by me (from Craftsysewhooked.com,fandominstitches.com, Quiltmaker, etc.) with the Sewhooked flickr group and be entered to win a free copy of one of my most popular patterns, Tree Trimming!Photobucket

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Happy Caturday!

Kitty #selfie!

Rose says hello!

She loves looking at herself, which makes taking a kitty selfie the obvious thing to do! She and I have been busy bonding and I am loving having a kitty that likes to be picked up and snuggled. Merlin and Marie, our other two kitties are sweeties, but being picked up is not part of their contracts. 😉

I bought this super cutie as a welcome home gift for my daughter.  It's custom made by the fabulous duo at Deranged Delightz on Etsy. #mushroom #crochet

Yesterday, I drove up to the University of North Texas to help my daughter move home for the summer. It was a whirlwind day with more traffic than I could have even fathomed. It took me just about three hours to drive there, and five to drive back. Egads, was I tired last night, but so very very glad to have my girl home!

This little guy above is a gift I purchased from a friend’s Etsy shop, Deranged Delightz. He’s a Moshi Mushroom, custom made for my daughter in her two favorite colors as a coming home surprise. She loved him and he will now live with her other favorite stufties!

Feeling totally spoiled! Birthday goodies in the mail from my friend Terry.  ♡

The  very same friend gifted me with a gorgeous pair of socks and a sweet turtle bag for my birthday! I’ve already worn the perfectly fitting, gorgeous socks and the bag carried my snacks for my road trip yesterday.

The owls on my birthday socks from Terry!


And the socks? THEY HAVE OWLS ON THEM!

Not quite where I wanted to be today, but closer than I was before! #projectofdoom #fandominstitches #harrypotter
This is the current state of the Make-A-Wish Project of Doom. I really wanted it to be basted before the weekend, but it just didn’t happen. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be in the mail for another couple of weeks, so I have time to get it basted, quilted and bound. Time’s ticking, but I’ll get it done! That backing fabric? Jelly beans! As my friend Amber said, Bertie Bott’s for everyone!


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May 2014 Flickr Prize

Share your Paper Piecing Vintage photos with the Sewhooked flickr group for a chance to win fun prizes all year long.  The May prize includes the bundle of fabric and two Sewhooked-themed pin back buttons above! Winner to be chosen Monday, June 2, 2014!

Need some help with paper piecing? Check out my FREE full-length workshop.



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Featured pattern: Runic Alphabet, now just $9 on Craftsy!

Crafting The Holidays

It’s officially the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S.!

The leftovers are in the fridge and the countdown to gift giving for many people has begun.

Black Friday? Nah, I don’t do that. I advocate a Handmade Holiday season!

Want to shop handmade? Etsy is a great place to start. There are loads of talented crafters, makers and artisans selling their wares.

You can even find a few goodies made by yours truly. I’ve got quilted items I made myself, magazines my patterns have been featured in and I’m regularly adding scrap bags of fabric from my own stash that are perfect for paper piecing (for a limited time, of course…even Tribbles stop breeding eventually!).

Here are a couple of the goodies currently in my Etsy shop:

Sweet Skating Sue
Sweet Skating Sue is just $19.99 and comes ready to hang.
OR you can make her yourself for free.
Never paper pieced? This $3 tutorial includes complete instructions and the pattern to make Sweet Skating Sue yourself!

In A Castle + Fairy Tale Femmes
Fairy Tale Femmes + In A Castle, $99.95
This sweet quilt is 30″ x 37″ and come ready to display or snuggle. Includes a sleeve for hanging.
OR You can buy the Fairy Tale Femmes and In A Castle patterns and make your own!

Find more ready-to-gift items right here in my Etsy shop!


Still have plans for making lots of gifts but aren’t sure where to start? Check out all the awesome projects and patterns here on Sewhooked and my fandom website, Fandom in Stitches!

Free Quilt Patterns

Tutorials and More (this page is undergoing an update, so it’s a little crazy over there!

Yarn (mostly crochet) patterns

HP Snitch

By popular demand, all of my Harry Potter patterns are now back on Sewhooked! The people have spoken and I listen. 😉

For more fandomy goodness, including even more Harry Potter, be sure to visit Fandom In Stitches. You’ll find designs by myself that are not here on Sewhooked and lots of awesomesauce stuff from many other talents designers.

I'm a Craftsy Designer

Many of my Sewhooked patterns and a few of my tutorials are now available on Craftsy for easy access! One of my goals for 2014 is to get ALL of my patterns and tutorials, both free and for sale added to Craftsy so you will always have an easy way to find them!

Go straight to the Sewhooked goodies on Craftsy!


Want to learn something new and WOW your friends and family with your awesome craft-ability? All Craftsy classes are on sale for $19.99 or less. Woo-hoo! Remember, the super cool thing about Craftsy classes is that once you buy a class (and remember, some of them are FREE), it’s yours forever. Watch any time, day or night, as many times as you like. Cool, huh?!

Do you sell your handmade goodies? Share a link to your shop in comments and I’ll put together and epic post next week to share with all my readers!

Paper Piecing Vintage: Sign-ups start December 3!

Make this one for yourself or as a gift and have it done by the end of 2014!

 photo AYWBadge_zpsfd93af71.jpg

Coming January to Fandom In Stitches!

Only two more days! Remember, I’m donating $1 to Movember for every Mustachio! pattern set sold during November! You’ve got until Saturday to buy your copy and help with a great cause!

That’s it for me for today! I have a full day of spending time with my family and enjoying the heck out of having my daughter home from college to look forward to. 😀

Happy crafting,


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Featured Pattern: Tree Trimming, $8 on Craftsy!

Some Real Things

In an effort to 1) clean out my overflowing sample bins and 2) help my kiddo pay for her college expenses, I’m doing something I rarely do.

I’m selling stuff I made.

Patterns? Sure, I sell those all the time, and nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to share those with you.

There’s something just a little different about selling projects that I worked on with my hot little hands. Everything I work on evokes memories and feels like a little piece of me.

My kiddo is worth it and I have far more samples than I will ever, ever need. Most of these things are one of a kind and the grand majority of them were for The Book That Wasn’t. It feels good to share them with you and move on to new things!

These are the first few goodies I’ve got up for offer:

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Dollar included…because why not?! I came up with this idea after the Tooth Fairy was constantly misplacing the pillow each of my kiddos used to put their lost teeth in.

Garden Fairy Tote

Garden Fairy Tote Bag

I seriously love this bag…click through to see the inside and back. Inspired by fairies…and fabric!

Saturday Morning Monster Movie Wall Hanging

Saturday Morning Monster Movie Wall Hanging

A combination of Monster Madness and Classic Films…love this piece. As a kid, I loved watching black and white monster movies on Saturday morninings.

Three Witches Log Cabin Table Runner

Three Witches Log Cabin Table Runner

If Mrs. Weasley was going to have a table runner…

Sweet Skating Sue

Sweet Skating Sue Wall Hanging

She really is sweet…I loved quilting her, too!

Finished projects not for you? The block patterns used in these projects are available here.

Reminder: ALL Sewhooked printed patterns are 1/2 price on ETSY (no coupon needed) and will be gone after September 30.

Have you made any of my patterns? I’d love to see them! Share a link or better yet, add them to the Sewhooked flickr group!

Back to work for me! Have a fabulous rest of your day!


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Featured Pattern: Broomstick Witch, just $2 on Craftsy!

Adios Printed Patterns!

After several years of selling my patterns through a variety of sources, I’ve made the decision to phase out hard copy (printed) patterns.

The simple truth is that they just don’t sell very well. Most of my customers are internet-based and when you guys are ready for a pattern you want it right now and PDF patterns are the best way to do that.

I still have some hard copy stock left and I’ve decided instead of letting them collect dust, I’m going to take the month of September to clear them out!

ALL Sewhooked printed patterns are 1/2 price on ETSY, no coupon needed,  and will be gone after September 30.

As of October 1, all Sewhooked my patterns will be available exclusively as PDFs! Want PDFs now? The best place to shop Sewhooked is on Craftsy!


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