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TTMT #534 – Zilch, Featuring Cats



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TTMT #533 – Happy Hour



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Something Quilty This Way Comes

Something very exciting has been brewing in my mind the last couple of months. Plans are in action! Things are happening! Designers have been contacted! A domain is bought!

What, wait? A domain?

Yes, yes, yes!

Fandom In Stitches is coming.

Fandom In Stitches will be fandom quilters one-stop-site for quilt patterns from a variety of fandoms. Many of the Sewhooked Guest Designers have already signed on to share their awesome fandom quilt patterns. Instead of searching by designer, you’ll be searching by genre or fandom, to make it simple and easy to find what you’re looking for!

How much is this going to cost? Nothing, nada, zilch. Fandom patterns have been and will remain free. All Fandom In Stitches Designers, including myself, donate their patterns free of charge for the love of fandom.  Please see copyright information on Fandom In Stitches for details.

Fandom In Stitches – Multi-fandom Quilt Patterns for Fans by Fans



TTMT #70 – A Little Haunted and other Obsessions

Hard copy patterns are now available in the sewhooked shop AND in my etsy shop. Whichever floats your boat, you can get them there!

If you make a Sew Awesome Craft or any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting!



Quilting: Bloggers Quilt Festival

I just heard of the First Annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival yesterday and my first thought was “why didn’t I think of that?!”  What a great idea, bringing quilting bloggers together by sharing photos of our quilts.

The idea is to post photos of your favorite quilt that you’ve made and tell it’s story.   Excellent idea, huh!

Harry Potter QuiltMy Magical Lens, designed, pieced and quilted by Jennifer Ofenstein

My all time favorite quilt that I have made, absolutely hands-down, is my Harry Potter quilt.  I embarked on this project in early 2006.   My family had long been fans (we started reading Harry in 1999) and I’d been quilting for a few years.  After discovering what so many HP crafters now know, that licensed fabric is out of print and nigh on impossible to find (and expensive if you do!), I decided to try to design my own.

The very first HP block I designed was Hedwig, though not the one that ended up in the quilt (you can see it in the photo below…bleargh!).  It was pretty dreadful, too complicated and just bad, bad, bad.  I’d only ever designed simple blocks before, so I changed gears and started with a broom and a lightning bolt.  The stack of blocks began to grow.  All through the process, I was sharing on the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo! Group.  Members started asking if I’d share my patterns, and before long, my little craft site, then called Jen’s Crochet & Crafts, grew into sewhooked, full of all kinds of crafts, crochet, and now paper pieced patterns.

I went to Lumos in Las Vegas in 2006 and took my HP blocks with me to share with my online craft friends.   By this time I was a Moderator at Harry Potter Crafts.  Sharing my designs and other projects I’d made with them for myself and friends, on top of the fact that I knew HTML, led to a year and a half as a Crafty Witch at The Leaky Cauldron where I made truly amazing friends.  The quilt that wasn’t a quilt yet was already helping me to connect with people.

In the fall of 2006, I decided to attend Phoenix Rising in New Orleans which, like Lumos, was a Harry Potter fandom conference, and was scheduled to take place in May 2007.  Even though my quilt wasn’t even close to done, nor was I close to having enough blocks designed for a whole quilt, I entered a mock-up for consideration in the Phoenix Rising art gallery, and was, to my surprise, accepted.  With a deadline looming, I started churning out patterns and blocks, finishing up the quilt in March of 2007, just two months before it was to be shown in New Orleans.

This quilt is more just a million bits of fabric stitched together.  It represents all the years I’ve loved Harry Potter and some of my favorite things about the series.  It has brought me friends, and fans, and brought more quilters that I can count into the wonderful world of paper piecing.  In the fall of 2007, I started hp_paperpiecing on Livejournal as way to share more with other Harry Potter quilters than just patterns.  I’ve posted over 100 unique HP themed blocks there and have in the process met a lot of awesome quilters and designers, many brand new to paper piecing.

Mock Up Quilt done for the Phoenix Rising entry formThe mock-up submitted for submission into the Phoenix Rising art gallery (complete with horrible Hedwig).

I don’t design as many HP blocks as I used to, though I’m still very involved with hp_paperpiecing.

Harry Potter patterns at sewhooked, free for personal and non-profit use.

See loads more photos of the making of My Magical Lens over at flickr.

If you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting

Paper Piecing: Free Patterns Around the Web

sewing machine
free patterns available here

Oh, paper piecing, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

Paper piecing (or foundation piecing) is the medium that has set my art free.  It has only happened once or twice (so far!) that I have been defeated my efforts to create a new pattern.  For the most part, I can look at an image and see the pattern inside it.  It’s something that makes me giddy, connected to myself in a way I never knew before, gloriously happy, excited and (occasionally) frustrated all at once.

It’s what I do most, both making and designing blocks.  I regularly post free patterns on Sewhooked and Fandom In Stitches.  Even so, I am far from being the only free resource online.

I have lots of paper piecing books in my crafty library as well as inexpensive patterns by independent designers much like myself.

If you’re just starting or maybe a little pinched in the pocket, free patterns can get you sewing and keep you sewing!

Support Sewhooked, visit my Shop!

Here are some great free pattern resources.  If I’ve missed one of your favorites or you find a broken link, please leave a comment below.

Fandom In Stitches – Multi-Fandom quilt patterns designed by fans, for fans

Artisania – Gnomes and mushrooms and Halloween, oh my! (many of Sonja’s patterns are available on the Free Quilt Pattern page here at Sewhooked).

Liljabs – free patterns from friend and fellow designer Lilja, many of which are also available on Fandom In Stitches.

Free Patterns from Carol Doak – geometrical beauties by the Queen of Paper Piecing.

Block Centrallots of cute patterns, including books to make a bookcase quilt.

Quiltmaker has a number of free paper pieced patterns in their directory.  Search “paper pieced.”

Equilters has a number of paper pieced patterns that are spread throughout the site’s pages

Ulas Free Patterns – lovely patterns including a variety of New York Beauty Blocks, various animals, Coat of Arms and more

Paper Panache

free patterns

Winnowing by Christine Thresh (free patterns are at the bottom) – Support A Cause Ribbons, flags, chicks and more

Ginger’s Paper Pieced Patterns – Cats, Christmas and more

PC Piecers Free Patterns – great patterns from Nautical to Holiday themed

Quilter’s Cache, the motherload for free quilt patterns, has a number of free paper pieced patterns for whole quilts and individual blocks.  You’ll need to do a little seek and find through the directory to find the whole-quilt patterns.

Quilt design’s BOM – some free patterns, including a lovely log cabin project

The Quilted Snail – a nice sized collection with a large variety of blocks

Free Paper Pieced Patterns from Patchpieces – paper pieced patterns and projects

Quilt dot com – a nice collection of beginner blocks

Four Twin Sisters has a number of free paper pieced patterns, but they do not have their own directory.  Look for the patterns marked “paper pieced”

Piece By Number – Geometrics, plants and animals and more

Regina Grewe – a wonderful site with an ever changing collection of free patterns.

Victoriana Quilt Designs, specifically the Ocean Waves quilt pattern.

Quiltiger – a variety of free paper pieced patterns

Compuquilt – a variety of free patterns, many of them paper pieced.

Kitten’s Mittens – a variety of  patterns, including a complete Kanji alphabet

Charise Creates – check the sidebar under “Complimentary Patterns”

Whims and Fancies – fun fandom patterns, British themed and more

Ruthie Quilts – free wonky houses

If you’re just starting and would like to learn paper piecing, check out my

Step by Step Tutorial!

Add your Sewhooked photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post!


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