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Christmas Eve at Lily’s House

Christmas 2011
Lily loves her mitten. She reached out to me and I held her paw for several minutes. It was so sweet!

We spent Christmas Eve this year at the home of my sister, Stephanie and her husband Ricahrd, which you may remember is also Lily’s new home. We had a lovely visit with family while Richard and I competed for who could take the most pictures of Lily!

Lily has flourished in her new home since her surgery.  She just recently graduated from her post-surgery confinement and now has the run of the house. She climbs the stairs, crawls into and under things, rolls around in her toys and is shameless about asking to be petted. She’s gained weight and looks absolutely wonderful. She remains an incredibly sweet and friendly kitten.

Thank you again for helping to make that happen! You can see a list of everyone that helped Lily here.

Christmas 2011

Frankie, a red-eared slider, is Lily’s big sister.

Christmas 2011
Lily, sitting for pets.

Christmas 2011

This little super model had lots of photos taken!

Christmas 2011
Lily with her haul of toys.

Christmas 2011
We watched her creep closer and closer to the toys until her face was stuck right in the middle of them!

Christmas 2011

My sister had this in her living room. I thought it was very festive!

Tomorrow, look for a fun TTMT post of all the handcrafted goodies I gifted for Christmas!

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