A Pound of Friendship

The wonderful thing about being part of a community like Talk To Me Tuesday are the wonderfully talented, generous and fun people I’ve become friends with.

This is Aalia. When I divvied up swap partners for the 1 Pound Swap, her name came out of the hat for me. I’ve known Aalia since the original Project of Doom back in 2011.

She’s a joy of a person, a fabulously talented designer, a stellar hand embroiderer, a lover of things Harry Potter and I was thrilled to get to send her a pound of crafty love!


Check out Aalia’s blog!

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a bonus block for Monster Madness

6 thoughts on “A Pound of Friendship

  1. Jessica B.

    Oh, my goodness, it is so funny to see people in videos that I’ve been so starstruck by over the last year. Having a face and a voice to put to them is really nice. What a lovely package to receive!

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      That is one of my biggest and favorite reasons to participate in TTMT! Faces and voices change everything! When I first started, I had several people tell me how surprised they were at 1) my age and 2) my accent. Fun!

  2. Aalia

    Oh, heavens…I’m on Sewhooked! o.O

    I am still so overwhelmed by this box. It’s right on my sewing table, waiting for me to get my crafty space sorted so I can cubbyhole each treasure.

    I did get a cauldron and half a potion maker pieced today! 😀

    Thank you for linking to my blog – I really should update it, huh?

    And thank you for all the so-sweet descriptors! I am SO happy we met. 🙂


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