Name That Mustache, Week 2!

Mustachio 2.0

Welcome to week two of Name That Mustache!

Before we move on to this week’s mustaches, I have our Week 1 WINNERS to announce! Each winner receives a free pdf copy of the mustache pattern he or she named, a free fat quarter and his or her name included in the new version of the pattern! If you were chosen as a winner, please email with your mailing address so you can receive your prizes.

The names chosen for each mustache were simplified slightly so they would all fit a similar theme, but I think you’ll find the spirit of each name remains intact. I hope this gives you inspiration for this week’s mustaches!

name that mustache 01 name that mustache 02 name that mustache 03

Mustache #1 –  “Wyatt” submitted by Michelle Thompson

Mustache #2 – “Victor” submitted by Beth T.

Mustache #3 – “Watson” submitted by Francesca

And now, on to Week 2 of Name That Mustache!!

Name That Mustache is a weekly challenge for my readers throughout the month of October.

The rules are simple:

  • Share a name idea for one or more mustaches in each week’s post, making sure to include the mustache number.
  • Comments must be made on Sewhooked during that week’s post. For example Week 2: Mustache names must be commented on this post.
  • At the end of each week, I’ll pick my favorites and that will be the name of that mustache pattern!
  • Please do not use copyrighted names. If you’re not sure, just let me know.
  • The winners will receive a fat quarter, a free PDF copy of the mustache pattern he or she named AND I will include the winner as the namer on that pattern!

In November, Mustachio! will be updated and all of these fun mustaches will be available individually…for the first time ever! To celebrate and help a good cause, during the month of November, I will donate $1 to Movember for the sale of each Mustachio! pattern!

Enough talk, let’s get started…ready, set…GO!

Name these three mustaches in the comments for a chance to win:

name that mustache 04

name that mustache 05

name that mustache 06

Want to plan ahead! Here is the rest of Mustachio! so you can think up fabulous mustache names for the weeks to come!

Mustachio! on Craftsy!

A huge thanks to everyone that has already shared mustache names! If you didn’t win this time, try again, I’d love to hear what you come up with!


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21 thoughts on “Name That Mustache, Week 2!

  1. Marjorie Nath

    No. 4 Walrus, but since that’s been given, let’s try Droopy
    No. 5 Sir Uppity
    No. 6 Uncle Oscar


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