Holiday Favorites

Smiling Santa Gift Bag Tutorial

It’s actually cold in Austin today. We had ice, which is so rare, I can’t even tell you!

Today seems like a great day to share some of my favorite things to make for Christmas.

Above, we’ve got Smiling Santa Gift Bag. I’ve been making some variation of this bag since my daughter was in kindergarten. She’s a college freshman now!

Click on the photo above or right here for the tutorial.

Candy Cup for Christmas

Candy Cups were shared with me YEARS ago by my aunt. These are wonderful gifts for teachers or anyone else you’d like to give something extra special to.


Handmade labels from recycled cereal boxes

These gift tags made from recycled cereal boxes weren’t originally a Christmas craft, but I’ve used them for Christmas many times over the years. This is a fun craft for kiddos, too. Make sure you use non-toxic stamps when working with little ones.


Stocking Ornament Tutorial

This is a little stocking ornament I came up with to teach my kids to blanket stitch. There are several of these on my tree. It’s an easy craft to make and share and no special tools are needed!

Tutorial & pattern

You can find more crafts and tutorials right here.

Reminder! Pre-registration for Paper Piecing Vintage is now live!

Have a wonderful, crafty weekend!


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1 thought on “Holiday Favorites

  1. Judy

    We were in Austin the Friday before Thanksgiving and were pretty cold while standing in line at Franklin Barbecue. I talked to a woman in the gift shop at the Old Bakery downtown and she said it was unusual to be so cold and she had lived in Oregon where we are from. We kind of thought it was funny when we saw the signs to be careful about ice on the overpasses but realize now that iit does occasionally get very cold there. We thought Austin was so great, it is so much like Portland, Oregon. I see on the news that it is still cold in Texas so hope you keep warm. We are having what is for us extremely cold weather right now, but no snow.


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