Two Little Reindeer

Christmas 2000
Once upon a time, I had two little reindeer.

This is a photo I’ve had on my fridge for about 13 years. The little reindeer are teenagers now, but still just as close as they look in this photo.

The reindeer antlers were made with my daughter’s class. I will take credit for this one because I was the room mom at the time and several moms mentioned how much they liked crafts that incorporated their kiddos handprints.

The antlers were made by tracing and cutting how the kids handprints from craft foam. These were decorated and put on a band (also craft foam) that we’d made ahead of time. It had about a 3″ piece of elastic in the back so it would fit any of the kids.

Reindeer Antler Craft, 2000Thirteen years later, and these guys are a little worse for wear. Each year, we put them on a shelf as part of our Christmas decorations and remember when we had our own little reindeer!

If I were to make these again, I think I would make the band out of fabric or felt and the antlers out of stiffened felt or possibly even make antlers that could be stuffed.

Made as a class activity with the effort of several helpful moms, hindsight and lots of years of room-momming experience now behind me, I’d say this is a craft best saved for home or small groups!

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