Made By Tiny Fingers

Ornaments Made by Kids

Some of my favorite, and most abundant ornaments are those made by kids.  We have ornaments made by my kids, by kids I watched after school (something I did almost the entire time my kids were in elementary), some made by children of our friends and even a few made by my sister when she was a kid.

Ornaments Made by Kids

This felt star was part of a fundraising event my daughter’s Girl Scout troop took part in many years ago. Volunteer moms made the stars (myself included!) and the girls stitched the buttons on.

Ornaments Made by Kids

This pipe cleaner snowflake was the craft project from my daughter’s first grade class’ winter party. Remember that comment a few posts ago about my having been a room mom for many years? This was a project I came up with. The kids followed directions beautifully!

Ornaments Made by Kids

I have several stuffed Christmas balls on my tree that were made by my sister when she was around 12 or so. They’re all hand stitched and stuffed with a different fabric on each side.

Ornaments Made by Kids

This little guy is a mouse made by my daughter when she was probably 4 or 5 years old. He’s felt and marker with a couple of popsicle sticks  glued to the back for support.

Ornaments Made by Kids

I saved this one for last. My son had an absolutely wonderful kinder teacher, Mrs. K. She had a variety of these wall hanging designs based on what holiday the children celebrated. She helped the little ones make this very special gift for their parents. The wreath is made of his wee 5 year old hand prints. The holly berries are thumbprints.

We learned just last year that Mrs. K had passed away when we received a Christmas card from her daughter with a very sweet note in it.  Prior to that, we had sent, and received, a card from this most exceptional of ladies every year.

The shortbread recipe! This is from Farm Journal's Best-Ever Cookies, 1980. I've never had a bad recipe from this book and highly recommend it...If you can get your hands on it!

Have a yummy recipe! This is my favorite Shortbread recipe and is from Farm Journal’s Best-Ever Cookies, 1980. I’ve never had a bad recipe from this book and highly recommend it.

Stop back by every day between now and Christmas as I share crafts and ornaments that are special to me and my family.

Do you have special quilted items just for Christmas? Tell me in comments, I’d love to hear!


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