Un-Retired Unicorn

Rearing Unicorn 2015

Free Pattern: Rearing Unicorn by Jennifer Ofenstein

Occasionally, I’ll retire one of my designs. This happens for a variety of reasons. Perhaps I designed the pattern for an event or for a person. Maybe I’m not happy with the design or it’s too complicated to share.

Whatever the reason, I rarely bring those retired patterns back, mostly because I have so many new things to work on, that I just flat out forget!

You can thank Emily for emailing and asking about my Rearing Unicorn pattern. I had taken it down ages ago because I wasn’t happy with the complexity level of the pattern. Thanks to Emily’s email enquiring as to where she could find this pattern, it has been updated for 2015 and restored to it’s proper place:  Magical Creatures on my Harry Potter page!

You can also find Rearing Unicorn on Fandom in Stitches and (for free!) from my Craftsy Shop.

The un-retired version of Rearing Unicorn was updated using EQ7!

Here are some of the original versions from back in the heyday of Harry Potter Paper Piecing.

Unicorn pieced by me

pieced by Laci

unicorn hpfan_poa
pieced by hpfan_poa

Unicorn pieced by mamalama1
pieced by mamalama1

pieced by Julie

Vol11-blog-tour-coming-socialmedia_66016It’s almost time for another wonderful issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks and I’m excited to once again be included among some of the most talented designers in the world! Look for the blog tour coming May 4 – 8 and for my post on May 7…there will be PRIZES!


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