My Favorite Things – August Pattern Correction

My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein


Hellow, My Favorite Things Quilters!

We’ve had at least one pattern download for August (Glitter) that included an incorrectly sized page 7.

If you’ve already made your Glitter block without issues, yay! You can ignore the rest.

If you purchased the pattern through Craftsy, that version has been updated and is now entirely correct.

For those of you that downloaded your pattern on Free Pattern Day, here is the corrected page you need to complete your 12″ Glitter block:

Month 8 – Glitter, 12″ version

Corrected page 7

Please note that the email link does not work, but this one does…thanks! 🙂

08 Aug Fav Things

Get the full pattern on Craftsy:

August 2016 Pattern

I am so very sorry for the inconvenience. All of my patterns are tested by myself and Amber Lowery, my pattern tester for this event. Neither of us had this issue when printing, but sometimes these things happen!

Thanks & have a great day!


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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Things – August Pattern Correction

  1. Susan Lamelin

    Hi Jennifer!

    Neither of those links will work for me. I don’t know if it’s Windows Edge, or what. I did try copying them into Internet Explorer, but that didn’t work either. :o/ Any thoughts?



  2. thelady2015

    My computer has been down since Sunday. I just got your email about week 8 and the error. The link no longer works so could you tell me what the corrections are so I can change it on my copy.
    Thank you, Marj Nath


    Dear Jennifer: I downloaded Block 8 Glitter on Free Pattern Day. Now I see that there was an incorrectly sized Page 7. However, I am not able to open the corrected page to complete the 12″ Glitter block. Is there any remedy for this situation? Your assistance would be appreciated.. I enjoy your blog and am beginning to really enjoy paper piecing. But I am a beginner at paper piecing and can use all the help I can get. Thanks. Mabel Willmon


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