TTMT #393 – November!

  • Houston Quilt Festival – I’ll be there on Thursday and Friday as a spectator. If you see me wandering around, please stop and say hello!

My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

I don’t generally post twice on one day, but when the first of the month is on a Tuesday, it’s kind of unavoidable. If you’re here for November’s My Favorite Things, just click here.

Wednesday through December on Fandom in Stitches!

Quirky Qwerty Alphabet!

October Prize Winner is Jennifer R ! She receives a .pdf copy of Quirky Qwerty Alphabet!

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Entering to win the 2016 monthly prize is easy, just share your photos with the Sewhooked Flickr group, making sure your photos are set to share. You’ll have one chance to win for each photo you share!

Yarn Crochet Hook
by Jodie Tawn

Untitled Ball of Yarn Skein of Yarn

by Kathy

March Bonus Block Favorite Things QAL#sewhooked #favthingsbom Laying catch up 😬 Jan Favorite Things Block#favthingsbom #sewhooked Feb Favorite Things Block#sewhooked #favthingsbom March Favorite Things #favthingsbom #sewhooked April Favorite Things QAL#favthingsbom #sewhooked May Favorite Things QAL #sewhooked #favthingsbom June Favorite Things QAL#favthingsbom #sewhooked June Bonus Block Favorite Things QAL#favthingsbom #sewhooked July Favorite Things QAL#favthingsbom #sewhooked October 12 in Favorite Things QAL#favthingsbom #sewhooked

by Jennifer R (Playful Piecing)

2016-05-06 11.22.01 Marli Marli Marli Marli Marli Marli
by Marli Neves

Needle and thread #favthingsbom Ball of yarn. Skein of wool

by Vanda Chittenden

June block September block September block June block Aug block.

Jacks Lanterns quilt! 🎃👻

(last month’s random drawing winner…it’s so good, I had to show it again!)

by Rainey Turner

by MG


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2 thoughts on “TTMT #393 – November!

  1. Guida

    Thank you for this TTMT, I love the phoenix you did for your sister, what a great idea. I didn’t know you could spray paint canvas (live and learn). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Many years ago, someone gave me a pile of canvases and I spent a lot of time playing with them. I think if I’d had to buy them all, that would have never happened, but I had a lot more freedom to play since they hadn’t cost anything. 🙂


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