Free Pattern Friday – New HP Alphabet!


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

In honor of twenty years of Harry Potter and I shared Harry Potter-inspired patterns all month long.

Today is final July pattern and I do hope you enjoyed this magical month as much as I did!

All of my (always free!) Harry Potter patterns in one place.

 Harry Potter Title Font Alphabet Quilt

Many years ago, I shared this Harry Potter-inspired alphabet. I’ve seen many, many fandom-themed quilts, quilt backs, mini-quilts, and other fun projects using these blocks. These are super easy to recognize because they are inspired by the title fonts from the U.S. book printings, later used in the Harry Potter movies.

Today is the “big one” I promised earlier this week on Talk to Me Tuesday. I’m sharing another book-inspired alphabet, this time from the fonts used for each chapter in the books printed in the U.S.

Included in the document are 26 uppercase letters to paper piece. Each block is 5″ finished but can be enlarged as you desire. Unlike my original set, all the patterns are in one file, complete with Table of Contents!

Now let’s get wordy!

all title

Harry Potter Inspired Alphabet

(U.S. Chapter Font)

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