TTMT #561 – That was fun!

In which I talk a little bit about Quiltcon and a whole lot about what I worked on over the last week.

We walked around and around and around Quiltcon and enjoyed all the fabulous quilts, the vendors, and each other’s company. The charity quilts were by far my favorites. I might be a bit biased because: A) charity quilts! and B) I saw quite a few of my text fonts floating around out there.

I neglected to say that Jennifer R brought TWO BAGS of Linus quilts she’d quilted, one bag from tops I’d given her to quilt and the other bag full of her quilts to donate as well as one from Laura from Fandom in Stitches. I’ll absolutely do a show and tell of those quilts soon! If you need a long arm quilter, she is AMAZING.


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