TTMT #564 – Generosity

I’m enjoying having my son home for spring break this week but I did manage to prepare a video last week to share some wonderful quilts & afghans sharing with me for The Linus Connection. Please enjoy!


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3 thoughts on “TTMT #564 – Generosity

  1. playfulpiecing

    Yay! Oh I love Ambers Afghans. Yummy.

    The other one is mine. I did it several years ago when learning to crotchet.

    The other smaller Quilt was made in 2017 or 2018. I honestly forgot I had it. It was right after I got my current machine.

    Oh another cool not. The moda jelly roll for the Clover quilts was from Abbie. The two with minky backing came from my mother in laws stash. So lots of generosity all around ❤️


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