TTMT #590 – I’m here!

Hi, all! I am SO happy to be posting today. ♥


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6 thoughts on “TTMT #590 – I’m here!

  1. playfulpiecing


    Yay! Didn’t know if we’d get to see you this week. I’m so relieved for you that it is going better this time around. I know it’s a long ordeal but at least there is an end in sight now.

    Oooh there can’t be to variegated neon yarns to choose from. Glad you found more.

    Jewels sends the best goodie boxes. I love all the happiness going on there. Enjoy!!!

    I’m sure the beans are all confused by your stationary situation. At least we know the stalker will watcher over you 😹

    Ok well you keep resting and being a grade A patient!

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      I had planned to be here even if it was an unedited one minute hello. It was nice to be able to do something that felt so normal!

      That neon yarn is SO neon. I’m sure I found the right one!

      I’m determined to be the best patient ever so I can come out of this with the best possible results. ❤️

  2. Suzanne

    So glad to hear from you today and that you are well on your way to recovery. I’m taking a Clover All Over quilt to Marge on Thursday for quilting. I will post it once it is back and bound. I think it turned out really well. Rest and enjoy your down time as much as possible.


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