TTMT #591 – Good Stuff

In which I share some awesome mail, a crochet finish, and a left-foot sewing project!

I neglected to mention that I also received a gift card from Vicky. Thank you, my dear friend!


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5 thoughts on “TTMT #591 – Good Stuff

  1. michelletuller

    I sew with my left foot most of the time, Being left handed, it was no problem for me to sew with my left foot,
    What a care package. So many goodies, to keep you busy.
    The Crochet blanket turned out neat. Somebody will get a lot of use out of it. I am sure there is a great need for quilts.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      I sewed with my left foot after my last surgery, too. The most awkward part is keeping the right one elevated while I work. I don’t have projects planned, but I needed this one to happen, and I’m pleased at how it worked out!
      I am well cared for. Friends definitely make everything easier.
      The need for larger blankets & quilts has been very high. I’m happy to have a small way to help.


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