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TTMT #591 – Good Stuff

In which I share some awesome mail, a crochet finish, and a left-foot sewing project!

I neglected to mention that I also received a gift card from Vicky. Thank you, my dear friend!


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Free Pattern Friday – My Back Pocket


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

I mentioned on TTMT a couple of weeks back that I have quite a few doodles from over the winter break.

Sometimes my doodles are elaborate drawings and sometimes they are, well, just doodles!

back pocket doodle

So began today’s freebie! Inspired by the constant presence of my own phone in my back pocket, My Back Pocket is a 10″ (10 1/2″ with seam allowance) pattern to paper piece. It’s super simple and goes together very quickly.



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jeans pockets fabric

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nine pockets.JPG

I can’t wait to see YOUR Back Pocket!


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Craft: Stampin’ on Stained Jeans

I found these fabulous unfinished kitchen chairs at the thrift store for $3 each.  A little wood stain and some clear coat later, and they are fabulous and in-use.

Unfortunately, I managed to forget to not put my knees down on the tarp I had covering the garage floor and got matching brown spots on both of my knees.   Did I mention I was wearing one of my favorite pairs of jeans?  You might remember them from the Hem Extension post.

I wore them once with the stained spots and it drove me crazy, so I had to think of something else.

My first thought was applique patches, but I’m really busy lately and that would take a bit longer than I have to invest.    I have loads of paint and a lot of stamps, so, hey, why not?  They were already in bad shape and I couldn’t possibly make  it worse.

You’ll Need:

  • Acrylic Fabric Paint a shade or two darker than the spot you want to cover
  • stamp big enough to cover the spots
  • small paper plate or piece of freezer (or wax) paper
  • foam brush

Smooth jeans out, with spots facing up and easy to reach.

Place a small amount of paint on the plate or paper.  Use the sponge brush to add paint to the stamp.  Don’t dip the stamp in the paint or you’ll end up with a blob of paint on the fabric.

Place the stamp on top of the stain and gently press.


I added a few more stamps to give a sort of pattern and now my favorite jeans have a bit more wear!

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Happy crafting

Sewing: Hem Extension

extended hem jeans

You all know by now that I’m a big thrift store shopper, especially for clothes.

I found a great pair of Gap jeans that fit perfectly, and only paid $1.25 for them!  The only drawback was they were too short, even for my average-length legs.

This was my easy-peasy solution.  It works with or without the extra trim, I just love adding a little flavor to my thrifted goods!

You’ll need:

  • One pair of too-short jeans
  • seam ripper or razor (use razor with care, I don’t want anyone losing a finger!)
  • steam iron set to “cotton”
  • optional:  trim, ribbon, etc.
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • scissors

What to do:

  1. Rip out the hem using a seam ripper, or, if you have a steady hand, a razor works great to get through the heavy duty stitching.
  2. Press the legs out, removing any bits of thread left from ripping out the seam.  You may need steam for this step to get the old hem lines nice and flat.
  3. If the previous location of the bottom edge is a holey or ragged, you can add ribbon, leftover quilt binding, or any other washable trim by pinning around the outside.  Tuck the ends under and then top stitch both edges.
  4. For an unfinished edge, zig zag around the edge of each leg or use a decorative stitch.  Once they’re washed, they’ll fray nice and even.

I’ve got several pairs of jeans like this, all of them found for super cheap and all of them with their own distinctive look.  Love them!

As always, if you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting

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Reconstruction: Pockety Hoody

sweatshirt update

I’m a big thrift store shopper.  Sometimes, I find great articles of clothing that are the perfect size for one of my kids, but I know they won’t wear it because of a design or picture that’s on it.   They’re both really into black at the moment and I found a great black hoodie sweatshirt the perfect size for my son.  The price?  $1.25.  Could I pass that by?  NO WAY.

The drawback?  It came with an embroidered image of The Grinch.  Cute, yes, his style, absolutely not!

After having the sweatshirt linger in my “to do something with” pile for a while, it occurred to me that I have all kinds of odds and ends leftover from other projects that might update the shirt and make it ready to wear.

One Levi’s pocket and about ten minutes of stitching later, and the update is complete and the hoody has gone from “Absolutely not!” to “Cool, Mom!”

It’s more of an update than reconstruction, but you get the idea!

To update a logo sweatshirt, you’ll need the sweatshirt and one jean’s pocket.  Use a heavy-duty seam ripper to remove the pocket, or, if you feel comfortable doing so, a razor blade.  Just be careful if you do!

A sewing machine is pretty much a must for this project, but if you want to try it by hand, you’ll need a heavy duty needle and a bit of patience to sew through all the layers!

sweatshirt update

Smooth out your sweatshirt.

sweatshirt update

Remove jeans pocket, being careful not to tear the fabric or cut yourself.

sweatshirt update

Pin the pocket in place.  You can go for a straight angle like I did here, or turn it a bit left or right for a more interesting look.

sweatshirt update

From the front, stitch carefully around the pocket using the existing stitching lines.  Reinforce at the corners and top of the seams.

sweatshirt update

And you’re done!  Super fast and easy update!

As always, if you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of Sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting