TTMT #648 – More Than I Thought!

I sat down thinking I had almost nothing to share and it turns out I was incorrect, so yay!

The awesome Halloween gnomes from Suzanne came from


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6 thoughts on “TTMT #648 – More Than I Thought!

  1. joyofstitches

    The Linus basket organisation system is ~brilliant~…what a treat to go “shopping” in such a well-planned space next year!

    As always, your machine embroidery looks so much fun. I especially love the haunted house; I can imagine it was hard to get through those plush towels though!

    Enjoy your Halloween .. can’t wait to see your costume:)

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Thank you! It feels so good to get what was previously a mess well organized!

      Plush towels aren’t generally terrible to work with, but these were apparently not great towels and started giving me problems almost immediately. I had to sew some of the hems back in place before I even started!

  2. playfulpiecing

    Oh the gnomes are adorable.

    The towels are really sweet. I love them all. I really need to do more holiday/seasonal towels.

    The shelves look fabulous.
    I think it will make your life so much easier for next year.

    Yay booster.

    Happy Halloween & Crafting


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