TTMT #671 – Me Times Three

In which I share several finishes from the past, including the multi-fandom Project of Doom, now donated to The Linus Connection, and some birthday gifts for my dear friend Amber.


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3 thoughts on “TTMT #671 – Me Times Three

  1. playfulpiecing

    I thought it was Monday all day lol. The long weekend messed me up.

    The orphan blocks behind you look amazing.

    I love the POD Linus quilt.
    So sweet with those swirls

    I have that Diva patch design.
    Those are all fun things.

    The pollen has been insane. I have been working outside a lot. I have resorted to wearing a mask at times it so bad.

    Hi Dipper Dot

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      I’ve also been wearing a mask outside. It definitely helps.

      We’ve been so busy, it’s hard for me to focus on any one thing, so I was really glad I had some “past me” video this week!


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