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Tuesday Teaser

Grannie's 9 Patch

Here’s a quick sneak peek at what I’ll be showing off in tomorrow’s Talk To Me Tuesday! There’s nothing in the world quite like the feeling of finishing a quilt!

More photos and Show & Tell tomorrow, so be sure to stop back by. 🙂



Fabric Friday – BFF

fabric friday

Today’s Fabric Friday offering was a gift from my best friend, Jewells, for Christmas. She picked this up at a Japanese festival in Albuquerque. Isn’t it fun?

Tackett is a quilter

A totally non-related photo of my cat, Tackett, helping me quilt. He’s adopted my nine-patch project as his own and had decided I’d been quilting on it long enough! Despite his “help,” I only have about 8 more nine-patch blocks to quilt. Of course, then there is trimming and binding!

Have a very happy Friday and a great weekend! I’ll be at The Linus Connection’s monthly meeting in Round Rock tomorrow. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!



Grannie’s 9-Patch

Grannie's 9-Patch, in progress

“Grannie’s 9-Patch,” in progress

If you stop by regularly, you probably know that a great deal of my crafty communications come via Talk To Me Tuesday, the crafty vlog project that I started last year.

The last month or so, I’ve talked a bit about some 9-patch blocks that my mom found at my grandmother’s house where she and my dad now live.  I learned to sew in that house from that same grandmother from a shoebox filled with squares of fabric cut from everything from old shirts to flour sacks, all for making 9-patch blocks.   When my mom offered the box of blocks to me, I was thrilled to take them.

Flour sack 9 patch

The 9-patch blocks the day I received them.

Some of the blocks were already pieced in long, wonky rows. When I went to quilt retreat with my sewing circle in March, I spent quite a bit of time in between other projects picking those seams apart, pressing the blocks and repairing seams where the stitching was coming out.

The blocks came home as a stack of flat, but still wonky 9-patches. I measured and measured until I found the smallest consistent size and then took a deep breath and started squaring all the blocks to the same size. Once that was done, I did a little math and decided how big I wanted the finished quilt to be.

Thanks to some good advice from my friend Osie, I knew I wanted to use muslin for sashing. Her advice for the multiple and varied prints was a fabric to calm it all down. Muslin does the trick perfectly!

I still have outside borders to add, but once that’s done, it will be ready for quilting. My lovely friend Linda quilts most of my large quilts and does a super beautiful job of it.  The back of the quilt will be muslin and it’s final resting place will be on my very own bed.

These blocks were pieced by a variety of people, many which were different generations of grandchildren.  The value of these blocks is beyond words to me and I feel incredibly lucky to have this beautiful part-heirloom, part-contemporary quilt.

Happy quilting!