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Aces High

Aces High
Aces High is my fresh-off-the sewing machine pattern, available in PDF or hard copy.

I love this design. Seriously, love it. The idea came from my very best friends, Jewells. I drafted the whole thing during an email conversation we had, while we went back and forth making her idea a reality.

It’s now tested, proofread and ready to roll!  This was the most natural-feeling design I’ve worked on in a while for Sewhooked. Natural meaning…it just flowed. It worked. And I love the outcome. I hope you do, too. Don’t you just think this would look great in a game room or be a fantastic gift for a poker player?

Aces High

19″ x 22″ wall hanging

Paper Piecing and Strip Piecing

Includes four original paper pieced patterns, cutting and piecing instructions.

$8 – PDF Instant Download
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$8 (plus S&H) Hard Copy via Etsy.

You can also find Aces High, along with all of my other for sale PDF patterns right here on Sewhooked.


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