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sew awesome: Knit Baby Brainiac Blankie


I have a best friend and she is made of Win and Awesome.

She is, really!

We’ve been friends since college and have loads in common, not the least of which is crafting. The only real problem is that she lives too dang far away!

Fortunately for me, last summer she decided to spend her well-earned vacation visiting my family, so she told her hubby goodbye for the week, loaded up her daughter, and drove the 13 or so hours it takes to get to Albuquerque to Austin.

That’s love, baby.

While she was here, Julia (Jewells to me!) was working on the blanket she named Baby Brainiac.  It’s a knit, high contrast, black & white log cabin blanket of awesome.   I just know the family she gifted it to must have loved it, because it is just that cool!

Am I a bit biased because she’s my bff?  Yeah, probably, but hey, it’s my blog, so I can pick her project as a sew awesome craft if I wanna!  😀

Baby Brainiac Blanket Pattern

Find more fun (and free!) knit patterns at Julia Makes Stuff and make sure you tell Jewells just how awesome she is while you’re there!

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