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Seeing Stars

Stars For Linus Quilt Top #1

Well, well, would you look at that fun quilt top! Above is the very first Stars For Linus top, made from your donations, to be quilted this week and donated to The Linus Connection, which in turn will distribute it to a child in crisis in Central Texas.

And boy, has Central Texas been in crisis recently. Drought. The hottest summer on record for any state in the U.S. Ever.  Fires that have left thousands of people scrambling to find a new home.

Isn’t that a good reason to make happy quilts?

Stars For Linus Quilt Top #2

This second Stars for Linus top went together absolutely beautifully, and I still have another stack of blocks that’s just a few shy of having enough for another top!


Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results when printing, set scaling to “none”

Because The Linus Connection is such an important part of my life, I will continue to collect Stars for Linus indefinitely. Use them for my organization, or your own favorite blanket charity! Get your friends together for a sewing day and bring the pattern along to share! It only takes 12 stars to make a comfort quilt for a child. 20 blocks will make a wonderful teen-sized quilt.

Wonky Star
Wonky Star, by mkissa

donated to the Bushfire Quilt Project

So, you’re not a paper piecer, but you’d still like to contribute? Inspired by WIP Girl, Kristel, known as Clumsy Chord on Talk To Me Tuesday, I will also accept 12″ (12 1/2″ unfinished) Maverick Stars or Wonky Stars (the same technique, different tutorials). To make a 12 1/2″ Maverick or Wonky star, your nine patch units need to be 4 1/2″.

See the video with Kristel’s Wonky Star quilt for Linus.

Check out the updated list of Stars for Linus contributors in this post!

Sew Something in Leander is hosting their first ever Linus Work Day tomorrow, October 8, from 10-1. I will be there, taking photos and helping in any way I can. I hope to see you there!

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post!


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Stars for Linus, An Update

Stars For Linus - Update

It’s been almost a month since the original Stars for Linus post. In that time, I’ve received 30 blocks in the mail!

All completed quilts will be donated to The Linus Connection of Austin, Texas. Our organization is comprised completely of volunteers who make and deliver hand-made quilts, afghans and fleece blankets to children in crisis in Central Texas, including those affected by the wildfires in September of this year.

In September, I asked you to share the love and help the kids affected by those fires by making a Stars For Linus block and mailing it to me to turn into a quilt top.

The very first block arrived just days later.

Each Stars For Linus quilt will be pieced by me and I will turn each one into Linus for delivery to a child that needs it. I will continue to collect Stars indefinitely, so any time you’d like to share a block, feel free to do so!

One Stars For Linus quilt top is pieced and ready to quilt. Another set of blocks  is sorted and ready to piece. A third pile is growing and will soon be a quilt top, too.

I wanted take a minute and share a special thank you to everyone that has sent Stars for Linus blocks so far, in no particular order:

  • Paige J., Nebraska
  • Amber L., Illinois
  • Judee K, California
  • Soma A., California
  • Carol M., Wyoming
  • Lynda M., Illinois
  • Barbara C., New Hampshire
  • Kathy P., Washington
  • Linda F., New Jersey
  • Terri J., California
  • Dawn F., Massachusetts
  • Michele F., Ontario
  • Midge W., Michigan
I will continue to add to this list as the Stars arrive! If you do not see your name here and you know I have received your Stars, please let me know so I can update the list. I don’t want anyone to be left out!
I’ve also received completed quilt tops that are now in the process of being quilted and bound, as well as completed quilts:
  • Jenn F., Oregon
  • JoAnn M, Louisiana
  • Kristel C., Calgary
My yarny friends are not to be forgotten! Afghans received from:
  • Amber L., Illinois
  • Mary C., Oklahoma

Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results, set scaling to “none”

See more of my posts about The Linus Connection.

I cannot say thank you enough for all of your support for a cause that means so very much to me!

Quilt on!


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When Dorothy Met Linus

Action Shot!

We had some really great Show & Tell at The Linus Connection meeting today, which you can see in this post on the Linus blog. It’s entirely possible you might recognize the writing style. 😉

Since I take the pictures at Show & Tell, I rarely actually Show.  Today, I donated the Wizard of Oz quilt I’ve been working on and really wanted to share it with the group before it headed off to it’s final destination; one of the facilities getting blankets in the hands of children affected by the Central Texas fires.

The fabrics were donated to Linus as sales samples, then the tumbler blocks were cut out at the last meeting on an AccuQuilt.

I stitched the top, added an emerald city sparkly border, quilted it on the Linus long-arm (I’m still a novice, but it sure is fun!) and bound it.

Linus Donation September 2011
You can see the colors better in this one.

Linus Donation September 2011
Using up some leftovers. Linus Sideways Shell baby blanket.

Linus Donation September 2011
Also a Linus Sideways Shell. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that I started this in June. When I ran out of yarn, it sat until I bought two skeins yesterday morning and finished it last night.

Stars For Linus continue to come in! Keep them coming and we’ll have a quilt to show here soon!

You still have time to comment and be entered to win a free copy of Polaroid My Memories Suite! Can’t wait for the drawing? Copy and paste STMMMS23344 to get $10 off the My Memories Software Suite!

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I hope you’re all having a lovely, craft-filled weekend!



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The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright

Stars for Linus

Stars for Linus blocks have stared arriving in the mail! It’s only been a few days and I just need a few more for a quilt top. Keep them coming folks, keep them coming!

A note about printer scaling: if your pattern prints 8″ instead of 8.5″, you can either add a wider sashing or simply make your block finish at 12″. Either way, your blocks will get used. I personally promise you that each and every block will find it’s way into a Linus quilt. Every block counts!


Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results when printing, set scaling to “none”

Click the image above for more details about the Stars For Linus block drive!


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