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Sir Gareth’s Dragon

Sir Gareth's Dragon

Well, of course, there has to be a story now.

Once upon a time, a baby was born in California to two homesick Texans. Those parents, after much contemplation and discussion, named the child “Gareth” after Sir Gareth, Knight of the Round Table. His sister, as chance would have it, was named after a poem from The Lord of the Rings.

Did I mention his parents are a bit geeky? No? Well, they are.

This baby only stayed for five months in California before being returned to the land of his forefathers, that is to say, Texas.

That all happened around 13 years ago.

The only dragon in Sir Gareth, Knight of the Round Table’s story is Uther Pendragon, but that’s okay, this Sir Gareth has his own dragon. He drew it for me and said, with a little twinkle in his eye, that he thought it might make a nice paper pieced wall hanging.

Lo and behold, Sir Gareth was right!

Sir Gareth’s Dragon is now available for only $7  from the Sewhooked Shop as an instant PDF download with PayPal payment – completely secure shopping through E-junkie! If you feel more comfortable shopping through e-junking, you can go straight to my storefront there.

Finished size 8″ x 12″

(8 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ unfinished)

Complete Paper Pieced pattern with piecing instructions.

Want to learn to paper piece? Check out my free paper piecing resources and text tutorialor take my Introduction To Paper Piecing class at Honey Bee Quilt Store in Austin, Texas (offered each session, Winter, Summer & Fall).

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Happy crafting!



Way Back Craft: Paper Piecing Evolution

Livejournal user lady_whitehaven turned on the Way Back Machine for me today when I found this post over at the Livejournal community quilting.

The dragon is an old design that I came up with way back in 2006 for a project that never quite made it to fruition.  That was probably a year after I started designing.  When I look at the original pattern, I can really see how much my design skill has evolved.

Sometime in 2007, when I had finally tested the dragon and realized how complicated it was, I pulled it off of sewhooked to be redesigned and then (apparently!) forgot about it.  I have since tried to be more careful about what patterns I post untested.  If I’m even a little unsure of the pattern design, I’ll hold onto it until I’ve had the chance to test it myself.

New, cleaned up and simplified version:

“Green Dragon” Pattern

The original version looks okay, but the pattern is scary, messy & has too many pieces!

First scary dragon pattern

When I woke up this morning, I had no intention of redrawing or reworking a pattern. I had kids to get to school (done!), a hubby to drop off at the airport (done!) and groceries to buy (um…not so done!).  Thank you, lady_whitehaven, for inspiring me to have a second look and give the “Green Dragon” a second life.

“Green Dragon” is now housed on the Paper Pieced Pattern page at sewhooked. If you give it a try, or any of my other patterns or projects a try, I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of Sewhooked flickr group.

Have a happy weekend!

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This is part of my “Way Back Craft” series’; patterns, crafts, tutorials and general crafty memories before the days of this craft blog.