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Free Pattern Friday – Fall Placemat Projects


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

I often share optional quilt layouts and other suggestions with blocks for inspiration.

For this’s week’s freebie, I jumped in my TARDIS and I traveled in time to a few years ago when I shared the following ideas, as ideas only, for a blog hop.

These fun fall themed placemats are now together in one complete pattern! Pattern document includes project instructions, 2 different pumpkin patterns, maple leaf pattern,  paper pieced nine patch (because it’s way easier than cutting out 2 3/16″ squares!), and layout charts for both projects.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your photos with the Sewhooked Facebook Group!

fall placemat PoD Pumpkin

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Feeling Harvesty!

maple and pumpkin 4 x 4  quilt mockup
Feeling Harvesty quilt layout created in EQ7

Some days, I just want to try something new.

That, my friends, is what free patterns are great for!

The “something new” in this case, is pattern presentation.

Generally, my free patterns are individual blocks presented as a 5″ pattern. 5″ patterns are easy to fit onto one page and they are easy to enlarge or shrink, if that’s your fancy. I’ve been designing 5″ patterns since the very beginning of my paper piecing adventure.

Most of my patterns are also in color because I like working with colored patterns and it’s simple enough for you to print in black and white if that doesn’t work for you.

So here’s the new part…

I have two free patterns for you today, one brand new, one an updated version of an older one. Both are presented in black in white, using texture instead of color to represent fabrics. In addition to that, each document includes 3″, 5″ and 6″ versions for creating different sized blocks.

Hey, that’s fun!

I can’t promise I’ll do this to all of my patterns, or that I’ll even do it again, but it was a fun little experiment for me and I’d love your feedback on pattern size, color and what you like best.

As ever, my free patterns are for your personal or non-profit use. Please enjoy!

Maple Leaf
3″, 5″ and 6″ Maple Leaf Paper Pieced Pattern

3″, 5″ and 6″ Pumpkin Paper Pieced Pattern (updated)

Original Pumpkin Block and pattern

maple and pumpkin wall hanging mock up
The same blocks as a wall hanging.

Layout created in EQ7.

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