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Free Pattern Friday – Metroid Charts


At last and as promised, the Metroid charts are here!

metroid quilt final

Earlier this month, I finished the quilt above, dubbed “Quilt-Roid.”  See my Talk to Me Tuesday about it here.

Below, I share the charts for Samus (the tough lady shown here in yellow) and the Metroid (the creepy little critter in the top right).

Please note, this is NOT a pattern for the entire quilt. These are charts to piece the two characters with some additional suggestions and information. You can use this to make something similar to what I did or use the charts in your own creations.

I’m planning to use just the head part of the Samus pattern sometime soon to make a cushion for my Metroid-loving daughter.

Find my Fandom-themed patterns here on Sewhooked under Free Quilt Patterns: Free Fandom Quilt Patterns. I will also be posting this to Fandom in Stitches in the near future. It’s in the rather long queue!

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Helpful Hints


Pre-cut your fabric squares to save time.

#metroid progress! #samus

I like to print my chart and then break it into smaller chunks so that I don’t get overwhelmed.

I start from the left and work my way across, marking off what I’ve done as I go so I don’t get lost.

Some tiny #chainpiecing! #metroidquilt

Chain piecing is EVERYTHING.

After a week of not much sewing I've made some good progress on the #metroidquilt! I'm keeping the wrap up a surprise until it's complete and gifted to @spleenarinobambino. I hope to have it ready to quilt today. #tinypiecing #solids #chainpiecing


I chain piece from the top down, keeping the threads between the rows intact so that nothing will be out of place. When the rows are together, go back and sew together the horizontal seams, matching seams.

It's time to make #homemade spray starch! My preferred recipe is 1/4 cup liquid starch, 2 oz vodka, 10 drops of lavender and approximately 4 cups of distilled water. #spraystarch

Use my homemade spray starch for a smooth, flat finish. I find this especially useful when working with solids. Recipe adapted from one shared years ago by my friend Linda.

  • 1/4 cup liquid starch
  • 2 oz plain/non-flavored vodka (If you don’t have vodka and don’t want a whole bottle, a sample size bottle works great!)
  • 10 – 12 drops of lavender
  • approximately 3.5 cups of distilled water in a 32 oz spray bottle

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